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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Gujarat enforces strict safety measures in wake of Vadodara boat tragedy

By IANS Updated: Jan 19, 2024 7:56 pm

AHMEDABAD — Authorities in Dwarka city of Gujarat have heightened the safety measures to prevent Harni Laki incidents from happening again in which 14 people lost their lives.

On Friday afternoon, at least 14 people — 12 students and two teachers — lost their lives when their overloaded boat capsized in a Harni Lake on the outskirts of Vadodara city in Gujarat.

The officials said that the focus is now on ensuring the availability of life jackets and enhancing tourist safety across various water-based attractions in Dwarka city.

They said that with several rides operating on the Gomti River and Shivrajpur Beach and the ferry service connecting Okha to Beyt Dwarka, authorities have imposed rigorous safety protocols.

The officials have also issued directions to ferry operators to eliminate overcrowding on the Okha-Beyt Dwarka route.

“It has been made mandatory for every individual to wear life jackets,” an official said.

“I appreciate the decision of the authorities to make life jackets compulsory for ferries at Beyt Dwarka and the Gomti River in Dwarka. This move is critical, especially in light of the tragic incident in Vadodara.

“Previously, boats often carried passengers double their capacity, and life jackets were rarely used. I urge authorities to ensure regular inspections and enforce all safety measures strictly,” Rajya Sabha MP and Director-Corporate Affairs of RIL, Parimal Nathwani said.

Dwarka Police have also been enforcing the regulations while conducting thorough inspections along the banks of the Gomti River.

The police said that their focus has been on ensuring the strict adherence to the life jacket rule.

Police said that ride operators have been warned to comply with these safety measures while the non-compliance will result in severe consequences.

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By IANS Updated: Jan 19, 2024 7:56:06 pm
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