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Great freedom fighter Padma Bhushan Gaidinliu

By EMN Updated: Jan 25, 2014 11:26 pm

History of our country cannot forget one simple Naga young girl Gaidinliu, who sacrifice & full dedicated her precious young life to save & free of Naga society from British foreigner Ruler in our country. Gaidinliu was born 0n 26th January 1915 at Luangkao village of present Manipur. Her mother Kalotlenliu reported always ‘her daughter is an extra-ordinary girl along with calm, quiet, hard-working and much helpful for others. Her life will be precious for society & country.’
The voice of Kalotlenliu made her brave daughter Gaidinliu as Freedom Fighter of our country. When I studied the life of Gaidinliu many bravery examples found in voice and work of her that time when our country dependent of British.
Gaidinliu announced- “We are free. We shall not give any right to rule upon us to foreigner. We shall not pay the house tax that the British have imposed on us. We are not the slave of the British.” She continued her revolt against British Rule. She roared- “These white people are number one deceiver. I understand them well. They think that for the fear of gallows. I will not surrender till free of our country. The sole objective of life is to drive these deceivers away from our motherland.”
When British ruled over Bharat it was golden era for them. So any attempt to attain freedom was supposed as a revolt against them and therefore a treachery. Many young brothers & sisters from all the provinces determined to defy this injustice. Right from Vasudeo Balawant Fadke, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Khudiram Bose, Jaymati, Shambhoodhan Funglo, Tirot Singh and many-many with Gaidinliu also stood boldly and jumped into freedom movement for National independence. They were put behind bars and tortured cruelly but none of them betrayed their duty of patriotism.
On 17th October 1932 Gaidinliu arrested by Capt. Macdonald at pulomi village (in present Assam) after big war with her dedicated soldiers of Veerangana Gaidinliu for freedom of National Independence. Political Agent Higgins sentenced Gaidinliu to life imprisonment in 1933. She spent her young life in the jails of Imphal, Guwahati, Shillong, Aizawl and Tura till 1947. When the festival of National Independence celebrated in whole country on 15th August 1947 our Veerangna Gaidinliu was in jail. After 14 prime years of her youth in different jails, the Independace Govt. of Bharat released our Rani Ma Gaidinliu.
Gaidinliu was the first Naga woman Recipient of Highest Awards from the Government of our country. She was not only the gifted social organizer, Heraka religious and political Leader of Nagas society of North-East; but also a dynamic and veteran Freedom Fighter of Nation Bharat. In recognizing her valuable dedicated services and innumerable troubles in fighting against the British Imperialism and colonialism for the achievement on National freedom these Awards TAMRAPATRA in 1972, PADM BHUSHAN in 1982 and BIRSA MUNDA AWARD ( Posthumous ) in 1996.
She died on 17th February 1993 at her born land.
I salute her on the 99th birth day on the festival of 64th Republic day of our Independence country & request the people of North-East along with whole Nation come ahead and celebrate different motivated programmed on the coming 100 years of Freedom Fighter Gaidinliu centenary under the theme of her patriotism education to save the society & country.

Tasile N Zeliang
Jalukie B

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