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Gratitude for the Contribution

By EMN Updated: Mar 15, 2021 11:27 pm

People like me with less contribution to the society find it difficult to speak out for society upliftment. But it is heartening to observe that the citizens of Kohima had contributed immensely to the development of Kohima in the year 2020 and such as with utmost respect for the initiators, I would like to make two special mentions here.

Firstly, the Ao community revered for long for their wisdom, far sightedness, civic responsibility and being the pioneers of education in Nagaland. The construction of the magnificient Ao church in the heart of the town, the patient attendant guest house at the Naga Hospital authority, Kohima and the beautiful Christmas decorations at Kohima, speaks volumes of their generosity for the land.

Secondly, the development of SOKRIEZIE into a recreational spot by the Tsiituonuomia Khel of Kohima Village has added a more pleasant atmosphere in a most bustling part of Kohima.

It is always the broadminded and the sacrificial people who make things better for others. Thank you and God bless.

K. Angami

By EMN Updated: Mar 15, 2021 11:27:20 pm