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GPRN/NSCN says men in captivity were stealing timber

By EMN Updated: Mar 14, 2021 10:30 pm

Dimapur, March 14 (EMN): The GPRN/NSCN on Sunday issued a clarification against the allegations of illegally detaining three persons.

A statement issued through MIP, NSCN/GPRN stated that the Zeliangrong Students’ Union (ZSU) had claimed that three men, who had allegedly cut timber from a teak plantation under the jurisdiction of Kiyevi village, Aqahuto area, Dimapur district, were from Lamhainamdi village under Peren district.

NSCN/GPRN maintained that they were daily wage earners from Rainglong village, Tamenglong district and temporary residents of Jalukie town.

“Till date the person who hired these men has not come forward. Wisueo Liangmai and Wongkiyang Liangmai hail from Rainglong village under Tamenlong district, Manipur, and the third person is from Jalukie village, Peren district. For reasons best known to them, the ZSU has distorted the domiciles of the accused and this modus operandi has serious future ramifications in Nagaland,’ the statement read.

“Peaceful democratic processions are necessary in any civilised society for justice but it is very unfortunate to see certain section of our people trying to whip up emotions and paint the matter without addressing the reasons which let to their arrest. School hours are precious and is not wise to force school children to street processions for wrong causes like demanding the release of thieves unconditionally to them. GPRN is ready to release the thieves should the stolen timbers be returned honourably.

“GPRN/NSCN would, in order to deliver proper justice in true Naga tradition, call upon the Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) and Zeliangrong Baudi (ZB) to inspect the teak plantation, count the sawn root stumps and repay the plantation owner. In Naga judiciary system, stealing is an abominable crime. Punishment must be pronounced” it stated.

By EMN Updated: Mar 14, 2021 10:30:16 pm