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Govt’s fire extinguisher syndicate condemned

By EMN Updated: Oct 10, 2014 12:42 am

Dimapur, October 9

Organization have denounced the recent order of the state administration ordering every shop and business establishment in the municipalities to buy and install fire extinguishers only from a certain dealer. This violation of rights and rules of competitive business fair play is being denounced by business organizations.
On October 9, the Business Association of Nagas (BAN) in outright condemned the Urban Development department for the authoritarian order that ordered even business establishment to buy and install fire extinguishers only from one dealer, one Royal International. The Ban has reacted by simply issuing a directive to all its members not to comply with the act of syndication and monopoly that the Urban development department was exercising.
“Business Association of Nagas strongly condemns the order by the Department of Urban Development to all business establishments to buy extinguishers from one particular company Royal International, Millennium Market, Dimapur,” a note from the Nagas’ business organization received here on Thursday stated.
“This is pure and simple market monopoly. BAN further appeals to its members not to comply with such arbitrary and biased dictates which is against the very ethics of free market,” the Ban stated simply, resisting the order.
Likewise, the Youth Association of Nagaland (YAN) ridiculed the Urban Development department authorizing the shop, Royal International, located at Millennium Market in Dimapur to sell fire extinguishers in the three Municipal Councils and 16 town councils. The Yan issued a press release on Thursday flaying the monopoly of the department of Urban Development and the firm.
This action of the department is encouraging the syndicate system which literally means “business monopoly” between the Urban Development department and the aforesaid firm.
“While also appreciating the department for coming out with the policy to safeguard and to protect the business community from the danger, YAN extend its serious concern for awarding this particular business/contract to a particular firm, when for the fact the problem of the indigenous young entrepreneurs and educated unemployed youth are floating without getting better opportunities. It will become more or less a daylight robbery, if such privileges are availed only to a certain firm and to do away without inviting open tender or notification.”
The association gave a rough estimate of at least ‘5 to 10 lacs’ shops across the municipal councils and town councils in the state of Nagaland.
“Wherein, huge amount of cash between 40 to 100 crores will involve in this proposed installation of fire extinguishers,” the association stated.
The YAN strongly felt that following measures be taken into consideration: Survey on minimum manufacturing unit per 2 kilogram weight fire extinguishers, and the problems of small-shop owners coming from distant areas to Dimapur merely to procure the fire extinguisher. Likewise, the department could have worked against unnecessary fluctuation of rates without giving complete freedom to the firm.
Also, the association pointed out, the state government and the department should have availed maximum preferences in indigenous young Naga entrepreneurs and indigenous educated employed youth instead of favoring a certain firm.

By EMN Updated: Oct 10, 2014 12:42:47 am