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‘Govt should stop compromising with peoples demand’

By EMN Updated: Oct 16, 2014 12:39 am

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‘For Nagas any government that provides what we desire is a good government and despises that government who are straight’, said Chief Editor of Nagaland Post Geoffrey Yaden. He was addressing the students of City College of Arts and Commerce (CCAC) during its 22nd freshers meet-cum-social parting today at Town Hall Dimapur as the chief guest.
Articulating that when government keeps on compromising with the demands of the people, the condition of the state will remain the same which in turn will affect the Nagas.
“How long will the Nagas continue to live in this trend,” he questioned and therefore called upon the youngsters to ponder and further strive to bring in reformation. He also emphasized on the institutions of Nagaland to inculcate community services so as to build strong youths for a better future. Yaden underlined that Nagaland’s literacy rate is around 80% with many educated youth but without wisdom. Emphasizing on the work culture of the state, he acknowledged that the state is always going through unemployment problem. He, however, pointed out that the issue lies within every individuals “as we do not want to work but desire for easy money.” He had the conclusion that we should stop blaming the civil servants, politicians and start taking up responsibilities.
“Though we are so much against the influx of illegal immigrants or ILPs, it is useless if we do not learn to work,” Yaden pointed out.
Observing the enthusiasm of the students, he said that young people wants to do different things with special desire labeling it to be another level of success. To this, he drew attention on the crucial aspects of young peoples’ dreams and desires.
“With unlimited dreams and desires, young people look for shortcut which is just a short-lived pleasure. Success is earned and it is the state of mind,” Yaden told the students gathering.
Lamenting that Nagas have learned to live life which we cannot afford, he advised the students to first seek the wisdom from God. Stating wisdom to be an understanding of knowledge which we can use in any situation, he underlined that any civilized society greatly values wisdom as wisdom can bring in justice, help those in need and make very one feel equal.
“Because of the lack of wisdom, what the state has worked for a vision, have turned opposite. And with the ‘ism’, cultural renaissance has not met the requirements of Naga generation,” he added.
The programme was also graced by Mughaputo, advocate Dimapur Bar Chamber as the guest of honor. He is an alumnus of CCAC.
Earlier, the welcome address was delivered by CCAC managing director, N. Kumar and CCACSU general secretary.

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