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Governor’s special message on R-Day

By EMN Updated: Jan 28, 2015 12:22 am

Dimapur, January 27

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Governor of Nagaland, P.B Acharya extended his greetings to the people of Nagaland on the occasion of the 66th Republic Day of India.
It was on this day, he said, that the people of India adopted its constitution, under which the ‘Preamble’ declares to secure to all its citizens: Justice, Social, Economic and Political; Liberty of thoughts, expression and worship; Equality of status and opportunity; and promote Fraternity, Dignity, Unity & Integrity. The Governor, called for introspection over the achievements and failures on these ideals of the Constitution.
The Governor stated that the greatest strength of the country is in its adherence to the ideal of unity amidst diversity and love for peace and harmony. He therefore urged all to pledge, that anti-nationals and anti-socials should not be allowed to create rifts in the society. He asserted that India has made firm progress, to establish its place in the centre state of the world in the 21st century. He also said that India is anticipated to move towards progress, with its youth in the pivotal role, since 68% of the population is in the age-group of 18-35 years.The Governor added that the development programmes of India, is for every corner of the country and the North East is being accorded urgent importance for which actions have been initiated for lasting peace and for development of its infrastructure and communication networks.
The central government has propounded the concepts that India cannot develop without the development of the North East and ‘When the North East prospers India prospers’. The Governor, accordingly urged the universities to introduce new and relevant subjects that will capacitate the youth to participate in the development process of the State.
He said that, India as a Sovereign, Democratic Republic has empowered all its constituents States with equal powers and responsibilities. However, the State of Nagaland has been granted special status in regards to religion, social practices, customary laws and procedures in administration of civil, criminal laws and pertaining to ownership and transfer of land and its resources.
The Governor observed that certain levels of achievements have been made in education, preservation of culture, customs and traditions, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and health however, for a balanced development of the State, the resources should be utilized in result oriented programmes for higher levels of progress to uplift the weaker sections of the State on priority basis.
The Governor, urged for a re-examination of policies and plans towards inclusive economic growth to match the talents of the youth, development of infrastructures in roads, electricity, water and reservation of ecology. The Governor appreciated the new initiatives of the government for foothill road, special development zones and modern townships.

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