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Governor launches ‘The Chakhesangs: a Window to Phek District’ in Kohima

By EMN Updated: Aug 31, 2013 11:05 pm


[dropcap]G[/dropcap]overnor of Nagaland & Manipur, Dr. Ashwani Kumar today released ‘The Chakhesangs: a Window to Phek District’, a Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) initiative, co-authored by Vishü Rita Krocha and Rekha Rose Dukru. The book brings out the district profile of Phek, containing a concise political and historical background of its people- the Chakhesangs, their unique culture and tradition, natural resources of the district and its biodiversity.
Speaking on the occasion, the state governor, Dr. Ashwani Kumar said he has had the privilege to read the first copy of the book before its official launch and lauded the authors on their in-depth observation and portrayal of the heritage and lifestyle of the community.
He complimented the Chakhesangs for taking up various social and economic issues pertaining to its people and achieving success at different levels. He pointed out that one of the aspects of the book that he found remarkable is the community’s love for nature and the stunning terrains of the district which are depicted by the photographs in the book.
The governor also mentioned that it is interesting to note that the book also contains criticism which the Chakhesang community endures. Stating there will be people who will continue with their criticism as long as they see others doing good, he encouraged the leaders of the community not to feel disheartened by them but to rather strive to crontribute towards the progress of the society.
On a lighter note, the governor said that he is so impressed with the content of the book that he has decided to visit Phek district in the month of September with his wife and see for themselves the beauty of the district and to know more about the history and traditions of the Chakhesangs.
Advisor of the publication team of ‘The Chakhesangs: a Window to Phek District’, Theja Therieh, who gave a brief concept of the book said the book is an attempt to drive the people of a community who lives by tradition and oral history and promote the art of writing to record and preserve their oral traditions.
He said the purpose of this CSU venture is to collect materials that form the composition of the Chakhesangs as a tribe, their rich culture, traditions and unique qualities embodied in the community, information about the people and their lifestyle that influence others.
Therieh stated that the book showcases the socio-culture, agriculture, eco-system, the historical places and nature’s compensation of the district with a view to attract people from outside the district. “This book with some of the basic information will facilitate as a small window to attract the outside world which will in turn create positive changes in the lives of our people through global assimilation and exchanges that will channel mutual growth,” he asserted.
He said the completion of the book is a beginning to build the community’s basic information and reflections that can help the people to retrospect and plan to move forward while preserving their old culture and tradition.
A host of public leaders from the Chakhesang tribe were present to grace the launch of the book including minister for Roads & Bridges, Küzholüzo Nienu, director School Education Zaveyi Nyekha, Sano Vamuzo, former president Chakhesang Public Organisation Yesonü Veyie, SP Kohima Rothihü Tetseo and CBCC executive secretary Rev.Dr. Vezopa Tetseo.
The programme was chaired by Naga Students’ Federation vice president Esther Rhakho while Chakesang Students’ Union president delivered the welcome address.
The authors, Vishü Rita Krocha is a writer and a journalist by profession, and Rekha Rose Dukru is a journalism graduate and an entrepreneur.
It was informed that ‘The Chakhesangs: a Window to Phek District’ can be procured at Multiplex, Old MLA Junction, Kohima and will soon be made available in all major bookstores.

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