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Governor interacts with stakeholders, administration of Tuensang district

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2018 12:01 am
PB Acharya along with children and caretakers of Kohdi Children Home in Tuensang.

Dimapur, Sep. 10 (EMN): The governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya on Sep. 8 visited Tuensang district and interacted with Tuensang Village Council, administrative officers, security agency, govt. officials, Chambers of Commerce, students and NGOs. He urged them to make contribution to CM Relief Fund for the people affected by the monsoon rains.

Interacting with the village council members, he shared pain and grief for those who had lost their properties.

The governor stated that India is rich but Indians are poor due to unchecked system of corruption and malpractices in the society.

In the name of development only some politicians, NGOs, contractors and some individuals are benefitted whereas large section of society are left out, he observed.

Nagaland is blessed to be a Christian state, he said stating that Christian missionaries are the pioneers of education in India. As a Christian state, he urged that one must uphold Christian principal of brotherhood and look equally with rest of the people, Churches and educated people must lead for a change in the society, he said.

Pointing out that many educated Nagas are working hard in Metro cities and towns due to the lack of employment opportunities in state, the governor said “We should ask ourselves why we are still backward when others states are far advanced under the same government.”

Governor on his way to take stock of the areas affected by torrential rains, stopover at the Government Polytechnic and interacted with the student and faculties at the institution. He called upon the students to work hard and open up their minds for a fast changing world. He said that everyone should equip with current affairs in the world of competition.

Grants two-month remittance to district jail inmates

On the second day, Acharya visited District Jail Tuensang and interacted with the inmates where he encouraged them to make use of their time to bring change to their life.

He granted two-month remittance to the inmates according to their crimes and also distributed eatable items to the inmates.

Governor along with the district administration further visited children homes in Tuensang and interacted with them.
Acharya also had a meeting with the Changsao Chang women organisationand shared welfare programs for women. He also mentioned recruiting more women in Nagaland Armed Police (NAP). He further encouraged womenfolk to enter into politics and change the mindset of the community.

The governor donated one lakh towards Changsao Thangjam Setshang.He also held a meeting with Hindu- Muslim community in Tuensang town at CKS Hall.

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2018 12:01:55 am