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Government details ‘Comprehensive Tourism Master Plan’ for Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2013 2:38 pm


The government of India has proposed developing a number of tourist destinations in parts of Nagaland that enjoy better access to the “mainland side” in terms of connectivity. The proposal is what the Ministry of Tourism calls a “comprehensive master plan for Nagaland” that is envisaged to be undertaken in two phases. The districts which the Center’s tourism pitch has identified are Dimapur, Kohima, Wokha, “Mukukchung” (Mokokchung) and Mon district. The tourism developmental activities at destinations in these districts are proposed in the initial phase. After tourists start coming to these destinations, the destinations in other districts will be ‘taken up’, according to the centre.
The developmental proposal for Kohima includes developing Kisama village’s infrastructure, Dzukou valley, the Second World War cemetery, the Catholic Cathedral and “Kohima city in general.”
An interesting observation the government made was that of the cultural finery of the Nagas. “One of the complaints of tourists visiting Nagaland is that the costumes they find in brochures are not found in real life anywhere. They suggested that if these costumes are not practiced today, at least these can be displayed live at one place for tourists to actually experience the same. Thus, it is proposed facilities for tourists to wear tribal costumes and head gears/arrows, and take photographs. Also few persons should wear these costumes for tourists to get live experience.”
The plans for Dimapur include undertaking preservation and access facilities for the Kachari ruins which, the Center says, are “in very bad condition.” Likewise, the proposal includes giving Dimapur Railway Station a face-lift, set up infrastructure for cable cars between Dimapur and Kohima. For Wokha, the “Dayang Dam” (River Doyang) might see a floating restaurant, boating, water sports and development of access roads.
As for Mokokchung, a ‘Mokukchung interpretation centre’ is proposed to be set up to showcase, in a small way, the tribal culture of Aos of Mokukchung district, Lotha tribe of Wokha district, and Sumi tribe of Zunheboto district. “This interpretation centre includes a physical exhibition of the above tribes’ culture (costumes, weaponry, jewelry, dances, other household implements, handicrafts, etc.) literature on the same, some mannequins with costumes of above tribes, etc. In the interpretation centre tribe’s costumes and other implements are available for tourists to wear and take photographs. In the evenings, tribal dance shows should be arranged for visitors,” the proposal says. Likewise, a craft and shopping centre, accommodation facilities, a rose garden, and “Orchidarium” and “strengthening of road between Mariani and Mokukchung (103 km) for easy and direct access from Assam” and developing Mopungchuket village.
For Mon district, the tourism proposal has set plans to develop a tourist center, an information center, and a “Mon interpretation centre,” a craft and shopping centre and “strengthening” of the existing road from Moran to Mon via Soneri and the road between Shiyong and Naginimora (Bad road is approximately 20 km.) along with a bridge, the proposal states.

By EMN Updated: Jul 24, 2013 2:38:55 pm