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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Good Old Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jul 16, 2017 11:17 pm

People who know me know I am a least bit interested at the politics of the artificially created State called Nagaland to divide the Nagas. But this few days of the shenanigans of the so called leaders of our people had me intrigued not least of all because there is hardly a year left to another bout of debauchery, underhand dealings and all the seven deadly sins you can think of. While our church from their lofty towers and citadels will shout “CLEAN ELECTIONS”.

Getting back to the point I was wondering and curious to know what brought about this sudden upheaval in these smooth sailing looting machines. So I tapped into my best sources of information, gossipy aunts and booze joints. It seems this mutiny started (source reliable enough) the day after Burra Shurho decided that the DAN especially the NPF needed a makeover in order to have any chance at winning the next elections. Thus he suggested that the state govt. should ask the centre to initiate an CBI enquiry headed by a supreme court judge into the various scams on the table like the Pillai scam, Back door gate, the Kerosene scam and all the other small and big scams that had been brought to the notice of the public by anti corruption organizations like ACAUT and their likes. This meant big trouble for some biggies in the government and at that precise moment we had the tragic death of four innocents due to a collapsed bridge.

I guess this is what lit the proverbial powder keg. While I am no fan of Burra Shurho and his unwillingness to let go of power like our good old Jamir playing politics by remote. I have to admit that this time if the reports are true he was initiating the right moves to clean up before the elections. I am sure this rubbed his colleagues in the wrong way and thus the mutiny. And TRZ being TRZ happily stood up to lead the charge against Shurho.

Taking all supporting legislators to Kaziringa they camped out there until they were sure that the Governor would allow a floor test. Unfortunately Mother Nature intervened and practically chased them out of their jungle hideout. Now if my instincts are right there will be money changed favors asked and given until a new Government of Nagaland is formed. Something that is very usual in Nagaland.

Now what I don’t understand is the entry of un-mandated organizations from A to Z asking for President’s rule. Do they even know the criteria for President’s rule? What do they hope to achieve? Wouldn’t it be better if they started a peoples movement to bring in Lokayukta into Nagaland like some ati corruption organizations like the ACAUT are asking for and the immediate arrest and investigation of those responsible for the recent tragic bridge collapse. And in the meanwhile give charge of the department not to a Minister but to an administrator under the direct control of whoever becomes C.M because believe you me more tragedies are about to happen.

Guys living in palatial buildings and driving the latest SUV’s who call yourselves the voice of the common people heed our call.

Ao Temjen Jamir,
Signal Basti,

By EMN Updated: Jul 16, 2017 11:17:17 pm