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Good Begets Good

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 06, 2018 1:17 am

What came to your mind when the Nagaland government recently announced a relief of INR one crore for flood-hit Kerala in a bid to help thousands of victims get back on their feet? Did you see it as a good gesture from the state’s government considering the magnitude of destruction in the south Indian state, or that it shouldn’t have lent a helping hand given the situation Nagaland itself was in at that point of time due to the monsoon rains?

The state government’s move to help the Kerala flood victims triggered a hot debate among Nagas on social media: Some appreciated the good-will gesture, while others criticised the government for what they considered “helping others without looking at one’s own kitchen problems.” Some even went to the extent of personally attacking the chief minister of the state for helping Kerala. There is no denying that thousands of people in the state, especially those from Phek, Kiphire, and Tuensang districts were badly affected by the errant monsoon rains that caused floods and landslides resulting in secluding said areas from the rest of the state. The people of the state were reeling from incessant rains when the Kerala floods happened. But the way some people criticised the state government for the goodwill gesture was unfortunate for the simple reason that the flood victims in the state at least had a roof over their heads and some food to eat while their counterpart down south were dying for want of food and literally left on the streets with water all around. Kerala didn’t seek help from the Indian states but needed not just India but the world during the devastating floods that took away more than 400 precious lives and caused an estimated loss of INR 30,000 crore to INR 40,000 crore. It’s sad that some people don’t see things beyond the sphere of their community and state. But humanity has no frontiers. The government of Nagaland chose humanity in the face of disaster in the state, and decided to help another state that appeared to need more help at that point of time. And the goodwill gesture deserves praise and appreciation.

It’s heartwarming to see a poor helping another poor in trying times. Moved by Nagaland’s gesture to Kerala despite untold problems in the Northeast state’s backyard, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput not only decided to visit the state, but also donated INR 1.25 crore to Nagaland’s chief minister’s relief fund to help the affected people. Nagaland has received more than it has given, thanks to Sushant’s generosity. Good begets good. A little bit of love makes a big difference in times of trouble.


By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 06, 2018 1:17:26 am