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Monday, February 26, 2024

GoI to blame for mushrooming of Naga political groups, says NPF leader Nienu

By EMN Updated: Jan 05, 2024 8:02 pm
Naga political groups
Kuzholuzo Nienu addressing the 65th general session of Phek Students’ Union at Phek village on Friday.

KOHIMA — Leader of NPF Legislature Party, Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, has blamed the Government of India (GoI) for mushrooming of Naga political groups, due to unnecessary procrastination in providing a roadmap for final solution to the Naga political issue.

The NPF leader alleged that due to the Centre’s procrastination, even after more than eight years of signing the Framework Agreement and more than six years of signing the Agreed Position, an “Accord is yet to see the light of day with the possibility of an early solution not in sight, maybe not in the near future and maybe not ever.”

Nienu was addressing the 65th general session of Phek Students’ Union (PSU) held at Phek village on Friday.

“The unnecessary delay on the part of the GoI has resulted in the mushrooming of more factions from 16 Naga Political groups in 2019 to 22 groups at present. I believe it is high time for the GoI to honour its commitment,” he said.

Nienu said that after the GoI signed the Framework Agreement with the NSCN (IM) on August 3, 2015 and the Agreed Position with the Naga National Political Groups (NNPG) on November 17, 2017, the Naga people were made to understand that all the major issues were hammered out and that only small details were left to be worked out.

He also reminded that the Centre held massive consultations with the NGOs, CSOs and the Naga people at large.

Pointing out that non-implementation of the ‘Naga Accord’ is one of the major issues concerning the Nagas, he said the GoI should stop fooling the Nagas once and for all and bring about a logical conclusion to the long-standing Naga political issue.

 “GoI should not forget that sovereignty is the birth right of Nagas,” he added.

Another major issue, the regional party leader said, is the growing religious intolerance posing a threat to the religious minorities in India.

Nienu said that despite the secular Constitution of India, the active role played by autonomous bodies such as National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Minorities and the ground-level work being done by non-governmental organisations, sporadic and sometimes serious acts of religious violence tend to occur, as the root causes of religious violence often run deep in history, religious activities and politics of India.

He quoted Meenakshi Ganguly, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia Division, who remarked, “We have seen increasing communal tensions in India, fanned by hate speeches from political leaders promoting a majoritan Hindu ideology, that incite violence… While Hindus have the right to practice their faith that should not include undermining and attacking fellow Indians who might follow another religion or belief. Instead, some Hindu groups that believe they enjoy the protection and patronage of the ruling BJP, have targeted Muslims and Christians, their places of worship and even their livelihood.”

Nienu went on to share that as per a report by the United Christian Forum, a civil society organisation based in Delhi, there have been 525 attacks against Christians in India in the first eight months of 2023; all these incidents of violence led by so-called “vigilante groups of a particular faith who are allegedly receiving support from people in power.”

The NPF leader however said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “participation during this Christmas with the Christian community is highly appreciated.”

Extending New Year greetings on the occasion, Nienu said, “The New Year is like a magical reset button; it encourages us to start fresh and try new things to bring more happiness into our lives. As we celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of another, it also a time to reflect on what transpired over the past year which may have been both challenging and fruitful.”

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