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Ghostly Office Buildings

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 23, 2016 12:00 am

On Tuesday September 20, newspapers in Nagaland were splashed with the photos and the report of non functioning government offices in a remote township in an eastern district of the state. The report was the result of the community effort of the Yimchungru tribe under the aegis of their student organisation the Yimchungrü Akherü Arihako that went on an inspection drive at Chessore town. They came across derelict offices building that were covered with shrubs and vegetations almost engulfing the buildings completely.

The tribal student’s body alleged that during its inspection it came across the office of public works for roads and bridges without its sub-divisional officer since 2015. The building of the health centre was dismantled in 2009 and currently run from a doctor’s quarter. The doctor in-charge of the health centre is currently on study leave and the pharmacist on leave since July this year. It was followed by absence of any building for Child Development Project Officer and the Rural development; and the abandoned building of the office of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry .

It is shocking to note how such instances could have passed for such a long time without being noticed either by the authorities or the media and subsequently rest of the state. It is unfortunate that only for some few districts in the state, the remote areas are yet to experience the digital revolution. If such were the case in any of the other western districts it would by now be the most talked about topic in social media and some voluntary organisations would have already taken up the issue with the government. It is also a reminder to the media in the state that the coverage of the far flung districts is yet to reach the desired level.

It also is the right time to question the sincerity, performance and also the difficulties faced of the elected members from the remote districts. The timing could not have been better since the day after the inspection report on government offices at Chessore the elected member from the area who is in-charge of the municipal affairs of the state was in the news for the selection of Kohima in the Smart Cities project of India. The contrast of the two news items correctly paints the picture of Nagaland at present.

It is at least comforting that the YAA has finally taken the responsibility as a pressure group and to be on vigil. The students have started inspections in their area and have demanded the state government to address the various issues affecting the government offices. The precedent is already set in Nagaland over the years that unless an association or a union takes up an issue the government has learned to ignore.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 23, 2016 12:00:48 am
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