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Genshin Impact guides: All luxurious chest locations in Mondstadt

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Jan 04, 2021 9:41 pm
genshin impact all luxurious chest locations
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Dimapur, Jan. 4 (EMN): Genshin Impact‘s free open-world lets players do a ton of things including fighting monsters, completing quests and discovering treasure chests. Treasure chests are scattered all over the map in Genshin Impact and these chests reward players with weapons, primogems, EXP, mora and other exciting goodies.

There are four types of treasure chests in Genshin Impact: Common chests, Exquisite chests, Precious chests and Luxurious chests.

Out of all of these chest types, the Luxurious Chests are the rarest and offer the best rewards.

Here are the locations of all luxurious chests that you can find in Mondstadt:

In Mondsthat Cathedral Tower

Go to the cathedral in the west of the city. Climb the building. After reaching the roof of the cathedral, climb the highest tower where a bell is located. The Luxurious Chest is located underneath the bell.

Close to the Stone Fence near the God Statue

Go to the stone fence in the courtyard in front of the cathedral. At the end you will notice a light source. Follow the light and run past every wind tunnel until you reach the end of the stone fence. A Luxurious Chest will be revealed once you finish the run.

Inside the Knights of Favonius Tower

Climb the building from the entrance of the Knights of Favonius Tower. The Luxurious Chest is located at the western tower.

Near the Stormbearer Mountains Water Fall

Go to the Stormbearer Mountains and move to the location where the Anemo Hypostasis is located. Move east until you reach the end of the river. The Luxurious Chest is located below the cliff. You need to jump down to get to the chest.

Inside the Dadaupa Gorge

First go to Dadaupa Gorge. For this Luxurious chest, you need to first solve three puzzles. The puzzles are quite easy.

Southwest of Cecilia Garden

This Luxurious Chest is located near the stone gate soutwest of Cecilia Garden. It is pretty easy to find since it is out in the open.

Inside the Stormterror’s Lair Tower

For this particular chest, you have to unlock the area to Stormterror’s Lair first. This means you have to be at least Adventure Rank 18 and have unlocked the Archon Quest.

 You can find this Luxurious chest at the top of the Stormterror ruins. You can either climbing the ruins or ride the wind current near the teleportation portal to get to the top.

In the Hidden Island in the middle of the ocean

Go to Starsnatch Cliff and look towards the west. You will see a small island just a few metres away from the shore. You will find a Luxurious Chest in that small island.

Watch this video for visual cues to the locations of the Luxurious Chests mentioned in the above article:

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Jan 04, 2021 9:41:50 pm
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