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Gene Simmons slams ‘dishonesty’ of U2 and Rolling Stones

By EMN Updated: Mar 26, 2015 9:08 pm

Gene Simmons has now accused the Rolling Stones and U2 of relying heavily on backing tracks and vocals at their gig.
The Kiss rocker believes the iconic bands are being dishonest to their fans by using pre-recorded content when they perform, and thinks it is unfair to charge high ticket prices if shows aren’t entirely live.
He ranted: “I have a problem when you charge $100 to see a live show and the artist uses backing tracks.
“You’re paying $100 – 30 to 50 per cent of the show is (on) backing tracks and they’ll sing sometimes, sometimes they’ll lip-synch. At least be honest.
“It’s not about backing tracks, it’s about dishonesty.
“There’s nobody with a synthesiser on our stage … no samples on the drums, there’s nothing. There’s very few bands who do that now – AC/DC, Metallica, us. I can’t even say that about U2 or the (Rolling) Stones. There’s very few bands who don’t use (backing) tracks.”
Despite slamming the use of synthesisers and backing tracks, the 65-year-old star went on to gush about ‘Applause’ hitmaker Lady Gaga, who he thinks should ditch pop music to make a rock record because she has such a great voice.
He told “Lady Gaga I like. She’s the real deal. She’s come to our shows. What she’s done with Tony Bennett shows that, above the backing tracks and dancers from Las Vegas on poles, she can really sing.
“I’d like to see Gaga come out with a real rock band and do a rock record. She is the real deal, unlike all the others. She can do what Madonna can’t – she can sing.”

By EMN Updated: Mar 26, 2015 9:08:32 pm