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Monday, June 05, 2023

GBs lobby Wokha to withdraw PIL on oil

By EMN Updated: Jun 03, 2016 12:58 am

DIMAPUR, JUNE 2: The Nagaland GB Federation is asking the Lotha community to withdraw the PIL that was filed against the Nagaland government over the issue of petroleum explorations in Wokha district.
The group said that it went on a “goodwill mission” to Wokha this week. Interactions with the community’s leaders focused on the issue of oil and petroleum explorations in the district. The GBs met with leaders of the Lotha Hoho, Lotha Eloe Hoho, Wokha GB Association, Lotha Students’ Union, Lotha Youth Hoho, ACUAT, Team Metamorphisis, Wokha Chamber of Commerce and senior citizens. The GBs offered updates in a note issued to the media on Thursday. The meetings were “on the issue pertinent to oil extraction imbroglio with the state government which is now sub-judice in the court,” the group explained but did not offer details.
The general secretary of the organization Shikuto Zalipu, the note stated, “read out the appeal letter of the NGBF and requested to withdraw the PIL filed against the state by Lotha Hoho for the interest of all the Nagas.”
The NGBF “suggested settling the issue amicably under Naga customary law.” Strangely, speaking of customary laws, the GBs again cited the Indian constitution’s Article 371 (A) which “empowered us to take decisions even on our land and its resources. But taking our grievances to the court and ignoring our rich customary law might bring adverse consequences in near future which may affect the entire Nagas.”
The GBs have appealed to the Lotha community to “look into the matter with concern, and for the greater interest of Nagas” and “kindly withdraw the case and NGBF also offer intervention while negotiating with any concerned parties for impartial judgments.”

By EMN Updated: Jun 03, 2016 12:58:14 am