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GBs demand making Indo-Naga ‘records’ public

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2020 11:06 pm
GBs at a peace rally themed on a call for a solution to the political issue, on Monday at the deputy commissioner’s office in Mokokchung.

Our Correspondents
Mokokchung/Wokha, March 9 (EMN):
GBs in Mokokchung and Wokha districts have called for an honourable solution to the Indo-Naga political issue with a call to the prime minister of India to ‘declare whatever is on record as on 31st October 2019’ and announce it to the Naga people.

An honourable and acceptable solution to the Naga political problem was the core message to the government of India during peace rallies that were conducted on Monday by the Mokokchhung District GBs Association (MDGBA) at the deputy commissioner’s office in Mokokchung, and in Wokha by the Wokha district GB federation.

A memorandum that was submitted to the Mokokchung deputy commissioner and addressed to the prime minister of India was read out by Along Jamir, president of the MDGBA. It said there is no reason to account for the delay in concluding the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks.

They urged the prime minister to ‘declare whatever is on record as on 31st October 2019 to be announced to the Naga people and the world.’ They asserted that ‘an early signing of the Indo-Naga political agreement would most certainly enhance reputation as the undisputed leaders of the largest democracy.’

They stated that with acceptable and honourable political solution in the offing, the Naga people too are ‘prepared to begin an enduring peaceful co-existence after seven decades of conflict.’

Also, speakers who addressed the event urged the GBs to discharge their duties and work toward an amicable solution wholeheartedly and trusting in God.

Members of the Wokha District GB Federation under the Nagaland GBs Federation on March 9 conducted a peace rally in the district headquarter.

Speaking during the occasion, the chairman of the Lotha Hoho Mhondamo Ovung urged the Gaon Burah to perform their duties as they are the elders of villages to guide and lead forward the younger generation.

Ovung spoke about the Naga political movement having gained momentum from the Lotha soil starting from the Wokha, Sanis and Lakhuti agreements in the initial stages. He urged the gathering to not give up but be strengthened and united for an early solution to the political issue.

Further, the community leader told the gathering to speak the truth. He expressed dismay that the Naga people lack speaking the truth even when given the right platform to speak for the welfare and interest of the Naga society.

He expressed support to the federation, and to community organisations he urged them to be united and work for a better future and towards an early Indo-Naga political solution.

Leaders of the Lotha Eloe Hoho, Lotha Students’ Union and the Wokha District Chamber of Commerce and Industries also called for unity and an acceptable, peaceful solution at the earliest.

PN Tungoe, the president of the Wokha District GBs Association, presented a memorandum during the gathering. Later, it was submitted to the deputy commissioner of Wokha district.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2020 11:06:00 pm