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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Gaza war can spill into a regional conflict: UN Chief

By IANS Updated: Dec 30, 2023 6:58 pm

NEW DELHI — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has reiterated his concerns that the war in Gaza can spill over into a regional conflict, media reports said.

“There is a continued risk of wider regional conflagration, the longer the conflict in Gaza continues, given the risk of escalation and miscalculation by multiple actors,” media reports quoting Guterres as saying in a statement.

He said that the burgeoning violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers is extremely alarming.

“As is fighting between Hezbollah and Israel across the south Lebanon border, attacks from Iraq and Syria, and the Houthis attacking shipping in the Red Sea,” the UN Chief said.

He has again appealed to all members of the international community to do everything in their power to use their influence on the relevant parties to prevent an escalation of the situation in the region.

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By IANS Updated: Dec 30, 2023 6:58:59 pm
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