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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Gays gushed out of the Church

By EMN Updated: Dec 09, 2014 10:27 pm

Ambrose.J. Chakre

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders. 1st Corinthians 6:9
Human rights activist has always fought on behalf of the gays and lesbians and in a little while the lovers of these sinners will be reunited in hell because of their allegiance with the likes of those sinners. The way things are indicates the fulfillment of the righteous laws and as the era of uncertainty continues, the world will be temporarily controlled by the creator of sin. In this war against evil I dare not create a new doctrine but the written truths of the scripture clearly reveals the real nature of satan. It speaks of who he is and of what he is. The revealed evils of his nature are as visible as a naked sinner is to a naked sinner. It is a stated truth that no sinner has ever seen God and it is also a stated fact that every sinner sins in different ways to satisfy the evil desires of their evil mind. If a sinner sins not the power of the law will not dare act against him (‘her’) but if a sinner continues living in sin, the same power which forgave them will condemn them in the end.The issue that is being raised here is all about “what sinners do in secret” and the controversies of it are not intended to confuse confused sinners rather it is intended at educating the unschooled sinners and pacifying the uneducated sinners. The point is: Every sinner who sleeps with sinners of the same sex will experience new deaths, new pains and new torments in hell. No one can dare argue with God’s Word but if anyone dares goes against this, they will be guilty of a war waged against God. Every sinner has seen satan in the garbs of sinful men and women and the evils they do are as terrible as the ways of satan are. The latest controversy to hit the head line was the induction of gay priest in the Government of God and the evils of it has not only recrucified Christ but it has also made a mockery of the endorsed system of the truth ( Hebrews 6:4-6 ). The acts of aggression against God’s law will only invite more woes, more curses and more destruction in the lives of the cursed lovers. It’s a tragedy to see these cursed lovers living like fools and it will even be more tragic to see them burn in the lake of fire where its worms will not die and the fire unquenched. God created women for men, not men for men. Neither did he create women for women. But the way things are signifies that the limit has been crossed and in a little while these guilty lovers will experience no pleasure in hell. If these are thorns for you stick it close to your heart but if these truths are for you, the feelings of your heart will not condemn you as a sinner.
The Great divorce of the two Great Presbyterian Churches of Mizoram and the United States has created an atmosphere of division in the Church of Christ. It was reported in the Media that the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram, the largest Church denomination in the state ( India ) decided to divorce themselves from the unfaithful Presbyterian Church of the United States due to a conflict on the issue of homosexuality ( Aizawal June 12 TNN ). This created controversy is part of the last days chaos and the planters of it are as numerous as the number of sinners are. The Holy Presbyterian Church of Mizoram has done what is right in the sight of God and their rewards of the future will be determined by how much they do for God in the future. This issue is an eye opener for those who are still asleep in the Spirit and it will indeed uplift these awakened sinners to a greater height in a higher dimension.
The gays are gays and the sinners are not saints but whoever dares puts their seal on the Holy Word of God will suffer the consequences of God’s wrath. The acts of these gays and miserable priests and priestesses can be likened to the sight of dirty dogs mating in a dirty street. The only favor we can do them is to shoot them at sight so that the evils of their acts can be buried along them in hell. The radical point that is being stressed here is that every gays, cursed lovers and lesbians will be in hell if they repent not of their sins. A sin is a sin and a sinner is a sinner but every sinner who continues living in sin will be repaid back with harm for the harm they did ( 2nd Peter 2:13 ).
The saying that we are to be compassionate towards the sinners are as true as the Word is but the word (s) radical and compassion are also linked spiritually because of what they are to each other. We can fulfill these written truths by being radically compassionate to sinners by hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh ( Jude 22-23 ). The United Church of Christ, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and The Episcopal Church has forsaken their first love and in a little while their lamp stand will be removed from its place if they repent not of their sins ( Revelation 2:5 ). The Church is not a Church of immorality but the Church of Christ is a Church of Holiness in which every member are expected to be radically faithful to Christ. Life is all about choices and we urge you to cut links with every Church which has links with the evil one. Every Church will not be saved. Neither will everyone who claims to be of Christ be saved. Think of this and gush every gay out of the Church. Like it or hate it. This is what the truth is. The Church of Christ is a Church of Holiness and the sacred truths has to be feared and revered. Will you fear God or revert back to your old ways? Unless you give an answer to this answerable question, the thorns of it will continue to torment you in this life and in the age that is to come. Come to Jesus and be saved. Salvation is for every one. Every gay, every lesbian and every sinner will be saved when they renounce the ways and doctrines of wickedness and returns to Christ in the truth. God did not come to save the righteous but to lead sinners to repentance (Luke 5:32, 19:10). If you are one among them be down on your knees and repent of your evil lest you be condemned in the end because of your sins and because of your unnatural urge of sexuality. Sex is not your God. Christ is your God. Whom will you love? Lust or God. Think of this and sin no more. God loves sinners.

N.B: This sermon is a review of religious controversies and the issues related to it. If the contents of this truth has hurt the ego of the guilty ones I rejoice at what had been done. God loves sinners and hates the sins of the sinners. This is what love is. And we are what love is. God is love.

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