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Garbage choking capital Kohima

By EMN Updated: Feb 06, 2014 12:56 am

Kohima, February 5

THE ‘Mirror of Nagaland’, Kohima is becoming a sight of horror with uncollected garbage lining every major road .The ungainly sight is a result of the dilemma facing the Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) left without a dumping ground since February 1, 2014.The KMC was banned from utilizing its previous dumping site on NH 29 also known as the Kohima –Phek road after landowners from Jotsoma objected. This , despite the land below the NH having been acquired by the KMC.
The garbage of business houses and colony residents at various locations within Kohima town and in colonies have been piling up slow and steady over the last few days and now even spilling over onto the main roads. Worse still, the garbage has started to smell, prompting pedestrians to clamp their nose and hold their breath and silently endure the inconvenience.
The situation shows no signs of improving. KMC officials on Wednesday evening took to the road making public appeals through a microphone requesting business establishments not to dispose their wastes on prominent points in the city such as Phoolbari, Old NST junction and the North PS junction.
Instead they are being requested to store the waste outside their shops.
These are temporary measures but time is clearly running out for the KMC to reassure the public that they are on top of the situation and the prestige of the capital of the state will not go ‘down in the dumps’.

By EMN Updated: Feb 06, 2014 12:56:56 am