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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Futuristic Shoes!

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2017 8:50 pm

It is time to cover your entire body with gadgets and in a decade or two, I can just imagine that everything we own will have some kind of chip embedded in them but since its 2017, lets start with our feet and work our way up in the coming years. There are several shoes with some kind of smart feature already available in the market but most of them consist of step counters or other form of fitness trackers and if you’re a fitness junkie, they’ll definitely make a great addition to your gadget arsenal but for most folks who are not into the whole fitness trend, maybe these shoes will make you drool

These shoes come with a display on it! Yes, the shoes from Shiftwear have flexible display covering a portion of the shoe which you can control with an app. The whole idea is to have any kind of artwork or design in your shoe, and it’ll be like you have a new shoe every day! You can even play animations on it, now how many people can say that about their shoes? The entire shoe is waterproof which is obviously expected and it is machine washable as well, which was a bit of a surprise for me to be honest. It also has highly durable soles which the company promises to last a very long time and the entire shoe is stain, dirt and oil resistant but even if it says all these on paper, in reality you will have to take extra care of them which you will obviously do since they cost a small fortune. The shoes from Shiftwear connects to your phone via bluetooth and WiFi and one of the best part about these shoes is that they charge automatically with every step you take, Shiftwear proudly boasts its walk-to-charge ability which but if you don’t walk much and need instant charging, there’s a wireless charger on these shoes as well, you simply need to place the shoe on the charging pad and it will start charging. There is also an accelerometer and gyroscope in these shoes which allow extra function such as changing designs as you walk or jump or do other activities, this feature will be particularly cool when you imagine your shoe changing design or playing a particular animation as you move around. The app is rather easy to use as well, you can easily change the shoe design within the app and there is a store within the app, where you can purchase designs made by other artists around the world. You can also sell your own designs within the app if you wish. Now, considering the fact that these shoes have a flexible display on them, they sound pretty advanced and costly and that’s true in a sense, because right now, Shiftwear is taking pre-orders for their shoes which will cost you $250 (approx Rs 16,200) and you will have to pay another $250 towards the end of this year before delivery and since they provide worldwide delivery, you can place your order now as long as you have the big bucks for it.

Zhor-Tech Shoes
The ultimate collection of smart shoes is brought to the table by Digisole Zhor-Tech, a smart shoe manufacturer based in France. They have all kinds of shoes, including smart high heels for the ladies. All these shoes connect to your phone via bluetooth and although they require you to charge the shoe once in a while, Zhor-Tech claims that the battery can last up to one week on a single charge. Their shoes can all track the basic fitness of the wearer by checking things like step count, calorie count, distance traveled and so on, but it also has a bunch of advanced features. One of their shoes come with auto lacing which can be controlled with the app and at the touch of a button, you can either tighten or loosen the laces and another shoe comes with a built-in heater which will automatically regulate the temperature inside the shoe to a specific degree which can be controlled by the app. This heater shoe is the only one which will last just around 8 hours on a single charge since heating the shoe takes quite a lot of energy but the fact that your feet will remain warm even during the coldest of seasons would be totally worth it. The high heels is a rather quirky one since the only function of the app in this case is to extend the heel. I’m not sure just how many women would want that but if that’s something which you may find useful, you can grab one of these and adjust the height of the heel through the app at any time. These shoes by Zhor-Tech will soon be made available although the price for the shoes have still not been announced, but it is expected to come sooner than expected.

By EMN Updated: Jul 03, 2017 8:50:35 pm