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Future with DAN: TR Zeliang

By EMN Updated: Aug 29, 2013 1:30 am


Minister of Planning and Coordination, T.R. Zeliang campaigning for NPF candidate CM Chang for Noksen assembly constituency by-election called upon the Nagas to believe and have trust in the NPF led DAN government as it is the only government that can deliver maximum benefits to the Naga people.Addressing the public at Kumpung and Yokumsang village on Tuesday as the Campaign team leader T.R. Zeliang said that NPF party is spreading its wing in the north east and gaining popularity in the country as the oldest and the most performing regional party and is further committed to deliver maximum goods to the people in the next five years. He stated that the achievement of NPF led DAN government in the last ten years is much more than the achievement of any other government in the last forty years of statehood.
One major achievement of NPF led DAN government is the successful protection of Naga rights by reigniting and defending the clauses of Article 371 (A) of Constitution of India, which had almost become redundant, while it is almost equivalent to achieving sovereignty, he added.
T.R. Zeliang also told the public at Kumpung and Yokumsang that DAN government will comfortably complete its five years term, therefore, be prepared to join the ruling party by voting for DAN candidate.
The Congress party he opined was in no position in the state to change its fortunes with Noksen AC in the event of the seat falling into Congress hands. The National party in the state Zeliang said is short of legislators by large number, and with only 8 MLA’s it did not even have the requisite number to have an pposition leader in the assembly.
Deputy Chairman, State Planing Board, P. Longon, who also spoke during the campaign asserted that voting for the DAN candidate will benefit the people of Noksen in particular and state in general as the DAN in ruling the state.
“We (DAN) love Noksen public. We want them to join us in the government and not in opposition side so that they get maximum benefit in the next four and half years”, said, P.Longon while addressing the Kumpung and Yokumsang villagers.
He added that the only way for the public of Noksen assembly constituency to progress is to join the ruling party.
The others who accompanied the Minister and spoke included JDU state president, Mr. Mozang, Ex-MLA and NPF Vice President, Mr. Shingnyu, NPF Vice President, Mr. Ramchi, General NPF, I Yanger, NPF Secretary Thangsat, NPF life member cell chairman, Pinyingthung and other party workers from Tuensang district.

By EMN Updated: Aug 29, 2013 1:30:33 am