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Full support to ACAUT

By EMN Updated: Aug 07, 2013 1:21 am

Back in the 60’s and 70’s Naga Nation Workers (UG’s) fought for the Naga cause only, leaving behind all material comforts and never thinking of luxurious cars and palatial builings and unitedly fought against indian forces for the Naga Sovereignty.Now, Nagas have six(6) UG factions all claiming that they are fighting for the political sovereignty of Nagaland, all having cease fire agreement with the Government of India(GOI) but the cease fire ground rules, regulation and agreement are kept in confidential cell box keeping  the Naga public in the dark. All the UG groups have cease fire agreement with GOI but they set fire amongst themeselves. Is this the path to SOIVEREIGNTY?
Heavy taxation and threars in different forms caused untold suffering to the Naga people even to the extent of losing life. Nagaland has become a land of illegal taxation. More tax leading to more fight, more killing and more division. We are however relieved as a ray of hope come by the formation of ACAUT at this junctyre. We give full support to what ACAUT is fighting for. ACAUT is the voice of the NAGA people who have long been unable to voice out for the fear of losing our lives. We can see clearly that the ACUT is fighting for every Naga as everyone is paying illegal taxes directly or indirectly to all UG groups.
Now, the time has come for every Nagas to join hands and speak out the truth without fear or hesitation because only “the truth can se us free”.
Concerned Citizens
Bohoto Sema,
Kekhrie Angami,
Naro Ao

By EMN Updated: Aug 07, 2013 1:21:54 am