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Fuel adulteration: Acaut hopes judiciary won’t fail justice

By EMN Updated: Oct 28, 2018 11:50 pm

‘Kingpin’ Dhinanath Shah fled Dimapur, shifted base of operation to Khatkathi

Dimapur, Oct. 28 (EMN): The anti-corruption platform, the Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation (Acaut), is optimistic that the judicial system would not fail justice now that the enforcement authorities have captured the person accused to be the kingpin behind the fuel adulteration racket in Assam and Nagaland, identified to be a Dhinanath Shah.

The Acaut issued a press release on Sunday stating that the organisation had been doing its part during the past two years cooperating with police authorities and appearing before courts. The Acaut stated that people had been casting aspersions on the organisation for possibly ‘compromising’ on the matter.

‘The Acaut Nagaland urges the Nagaland police to coordinate with its counterpart in Assam and get to the root of the matter and ensure that this notorious criminal along with all corrupted officials and the syndicate mafias who are part of the illegal racket be brought to justice,’ the press release read.

‘There have been aspersions cast by impatient people and those who wanted to malign Acaut that they have compromised. It may also be mentioned to all and sundry that Acaut believes in the Rule of Law,’ the organisation stated.

The activists stated that its members had been ‘patiently cooperating and for the past 2 years appearing for summons and court hearings’ and had been giving necessary information both to the investigating agencies and news reporters from outside the state.

“Acaut Nagaland is hopeful that in spite of some corrupted people in the system, given this new turn of events it expects that judiciary will not make a mockery of the justice system but give a fair and final judgement at the earliest,” the Acaut stated. The organisation congratulated the Assam police for the commendable job it did in nabbing the accused.

The Assam police arrested the ‘fuel adulteration kingpin’ Dhinanath Shah on October 1. Subsequently a complaint was registered at Rangia police station in Kamrup district of Assam, the Acaut stated.

According to the organisation, ‘The kingpin Dhinanath Shah had shifted his base of operation to Khatkathi in Assam since the Acaut Nagaland along with the officials of the Dimapur district administration busted and exposed the network of illegal fuel adulterations units across several places in Dimapur and Chumukedima in the year 2016 and the case of which is still pending in the court.’

“It is evident that this hardened criminal, conveniently shifted his fuel adulteration unit to Khakathi just a few kilometres away from Dimapur as he was still getting the kerosene meant for PDS (public distribution system) to run the illegal business from Dimapur, Nagaland. The Acaut Nagaland is hopeful that this arrest by the Assam police will only strengthen the case against the kingpin,” the press release added.


By EMN Updated: Oct 28, 2018 11:50:43 pm