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From The Heart – Transcending Fears

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2019 11:19 pm

A Clarification about FNR

The Failure of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) was pointed out by a responsible Naga political group leader at a recent public meeting with the Angami public. FNR was rebuked for not speaking up at the right time and for not favoring a particular group. FNR is engaged in a process of peacebuilding with reconciliation that involves open dialogue processes, not laying blame. FNR is guided by what is right to heal and restore relationships rather than assigning which group is more wrong or more right. We honor ethical and confidentiality considerations regarding our reconciliation work with the Naga political groups. FNR believes that RECONCILIATION on historical and political rights is the basis and the right path for the Naga people.

As a Forum Committed to Reconciliation, we have been consistent in our impartiality, without any bias and prejudice towards any one group. Even in the face of many criticisms from the groups themselves, FNR has refrained from using any language condemning, or blaming any one in particular. We have consciously resisted from publicly saying or doing anything that would jeopardize the reconciliation process. We believe and maintain that the reconciliation must emerge from the process itself. FNR is dedicated to a principled process because we are committed to a vision of healing and reconciliation for all Nagas.

An Immediate Benefit of the Naga Reconciliation process was the de-escalation of factional violence. The remarkable change showed what can happen if what is best, right and needed for all becomes our overriding common concern. While this was a positive and welcome development for a wounded and traumatized people, there were also some consequences. We acknowledge that the number of stakeholders has increased. In the true spirit of reconciliation, FNR considers every Naga political group as an important stakeholder. We do not deny the fact that some groups have used the reconciliation process to broaden their ambit, especially in the area of taxation. Furthermore, the safe space and free movement created by the Reconciliation process has allowed many vested interests to exploit and take advantage of the situation. The business community continues to remind us that ‘taxation’ has multiplied during this period. This, in turn, directly affects the consumers and general public who are the ones who actually bear the brunt of taxation. Random and excessive taxation is alienating people. Under these conditions people’s rights and security need to be protected.

Thinking and Acting Consciously with wisdom, foresight and maturity is the need of the moment. No outside nation is going to solve the Naga national problem. In reality, Nagas alone can solve our national issue with India and Myanmar. And while finding solutions to many of our varied problems we must also acknowledge how much we have hurt one another. We need to recognise the harm we have caused to ourselves. Despite how we feel towards each other, we Nagas need to seek forgiveness and live in a new reconciled relationship of mutual respect. At this given hour, the Nagas need to sing in unison and harmony for the NSCN (IM) and the NNPGs to meet with mutual respect, belonging, and honestly talk across the table regarding the political competencies that will affect the well-being and future of all Naga people. They must understand that failing in this crucial importance of understanding together will only impede our shared belonging.

The Situation That We Face Today Calls for a Healing Leadership in which the chief task of every Naga organization, leader, and woman and man must be to remain calm and thoughtful with the right spirit. We must not fall to the temptation of irrationalized rhetoric, over-confidence, aggressive arrogance and emotionalized reactions. This is the time to build mutual trust, integrity, self-confidence, self-responsibility and a new awareness, without any pretense or denial, of who we are as a people with dignity.

Forum for Naga Reconciliation

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