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Friends of 80Plus honour the elderly

By Kohima Bureau Updated: Apr 30, 2018 11:17 pm
Section of 80 plus citizens attending the 13th foundation day of Friends of 80 plus in Kohima village on April 30.

Kohima Bureau
Kohima, April 30 (EMN): ‘We love to address you as ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’ and this we consider a blessed name above all. Though we are loved by many, the love and affection you showered on us is the greatest of all. It’s always a privilege for us to live as someone’s grandchildren. Your crown of grey hairs is what we love most. You are the blooming flowers of the village. Live well and let your aged life be a blessing to our village.’
This poignant ode was read out by a little girl, Lhousavino Solo, during the 13th foundation day of Friends of 80 Plus which was conducted held at Kohima Village Council’s hall in Kohima on April 30.

Timikha Koza speaking on the occasion.

Friends of 80 Plus, is a non-profit voluntary organisation started in the year 2006 with the goal to ‘reviving the culture of listening to and be guided by the wisdom of the elders.’ Sensing that the value of ‘honouring’ and valuing the elderly was fading, the group was initiated by a group of likeminded people for citizens aged 80 years and above of Kohima village.
Attending the celebration as its special guest, the president of Tenyimia People’s Organisation, Timikha Koza, expressed happiness and encouragement to see the elderly citizens. As Naga tradition and culture bestows highest value and respect to elders, he said that it was because of their blessings and prayers that the Nagapeople are ‘living in comfort’ today.
Urging that the Naga people continue with the tradition of valuing the elderly and their wisdom, Koza maintained that the society still needs the guidance and wisdom of the elderly. Appreciating the Friends of 80 plus for ‘upholding the traditional practice’ by honouring and extending help to the aged, he prayed for good health and long life of the elderly.
There are currently about 167 elderly citizens from the four khels of Kohima village. A minute of silence was observing as a tribute to 14 departed members.
Special gifts were presented to senior citizens; the gifts were sponsored by children of late Dr. Satuo and late Khrieü Sekhose.
The programme concluded with a community feast hosted by the Kohima Village Youth Organisation and a medical check up by Naga Hospital.
Besides serving them in whatever possible way, the objectives of the Friends of 80 Plus also include documenting the stories and experiences of senior citizens, reach out to them in friendship and fellowship through monthly home visits, offer medical assistance; give them psychological support to ‘enable them to retain their self-esteem and self-respect as elders of the community.’

By Kohima Bureau Updated: Apr 30, 2018 11:17:16 pm