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Freedom, Solution and the Nagas

By EMN Updated: Oct 02, 2019 12:10 am

We Nagas are a born free people inhabiting a contagious area of land that God had given us. This freedom cannot be taken away from us by anybody nor can it be lost at any point of time by claiming ourselves to be any other national literally and practically only because we fail to defend our right or due to the arbitrary law invented to dominate our people by aliens who dearly wish to do so.

We need to look back at history and deduce what we actually are today. We found that assertiveness of Nagas freedom was firstly expressed to the outside world through the memorandum given to the Simon Commission in 1929. The noteworthy matter of the subject is that we Nagas should be left to ourselves to determine and to live freely as a people and a nation when the British leave India free. But today our people seems to have forgotten this factor and tends to go astray.

Naga freedom movement was initiated by the NNC. The 14th August 1947 declaration of Naga Independence to the outside world and the affirmatory Plebiscite of the 16th May 1951 stands unwaveringly and intact to this day. Upholding our freedom and independence, Nagas rejected and did not participate in the general election of India in 1952 and 1957. India dearly wish to crush the NNC which pricks the Indian govt. To carry out that purpose, through BN Mullik IB Director and SM Dutt Intelligence Officer the Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) was hatched with handpicked loyalists which never receive the mandate of the Nagas. Yet going ahead with the plan, the 16 points agreement was signed between the NPC and the Govt. of India and the Puppet state govt. of Nagaland was installed in 1963. India expected that the NNC shall be crushed and Naga Independence movement will cease to exist. But it was on the contrary and unable to achieve its goals. India signed the bilateral ceasefire agreement with the federal Govt. of Nagaland on the 6th Sept. 1964 which was only a move on the part of India to escape from the condemnation of the international community. When the main issue is between the NNC and India how do she expect to solve the issue with the NPC which is its brain child. It only exposes the true designs of India.

India is never sincere to solve the Indo-Naga issue but continue to hatch schemes to dominate the Nagas playing on the advantage of time. Discreetly India planned to split Naga integrity and encourage racial dilution of the Naga race through every possible means so that Nagas will be totally dominated and Naga identity get lost and forgotten as time goes on. A time is coming when we will be bound by the laws of Hindutva and forced to obey and abide by the uniform civil code of India which India is steadily pressing on.

We came to know that side by side with the 6 round peace talks going on after 1964 bilateral ceasefire between the Federal Govt. of Nagaland and the Govt. of India, India was discreetly hatching the emergence of Revolutionary govt. of Nagaland which culminated into the birth of one Battalion of BSF in 1972 after the ceasefire was unilaterally abrogated by India. That was aimed to weaken the NNC which certainly had severely retarded Naga freedom movement. The situation became so unbearable and compelled some national workers to sign the Shillong Accord of 11th Nov. 1975 in the capacity of underground organisations but not in the name of the NNC and FGN. It was another misadventure on the part of India since Nagas did not accept it but which proved to be a footstool in further splits in Naga movement only. NSCN, GPRN emerged in 1980 which further splitted in 1988 to become NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) and fratricidal killings effected our nation for more than 30 years in the aftermath. The game of playing one Naga against another had been continuing for over the past 72 years now which is to the pride and glee of the oppressors.

At this juncture, the Framework Agreement of 3rd Aug. 2015 between NSCN (IM) and the govt. of India is the talk of our people. Further, other political groups also joined the ongoing peace talks in the capacity of 7 NNPGs (Naga National Political Groups) which is outside the purview of Naga sovereignty.

In this Nagas must know that the Naga National Council (NNC) is Naga political institution and not a political group nor a faction, since it is mandated by our people in the beginning. NNC is and will never be a party to talks for a solution under Indian constitution. As ever, the NNC is ready for talks at anytime between nation states on equal footing to solve the conflict peacefully based on truth and facts of history. NNC ever upholds the Plebiscite of 16th May 1951.

At this juncture it seems that NGOs, frontal organisations and well to do Nagas are all crying for an early solution, knowing fully well that the on going talks are outside the purview of Naga sovereignty and freedom as a distinct people and a nation.

Here can the Indo-Naga case be solved with the NGOs? It is only a continuation of what India started in 1958 bringing forth its brain child, Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) into the Naga scenario. Any individual, organization or group is free to voice its opinion but it cannot become the national voice because the mandate of the people is the foremost requirement.

It is for each and every Naga to ponder and decide whether he/she is a Naga in spirit and blood or is another national. The power is in your hands.


Zaleo Chakhesang
Tatar, FGN

By EMN Updated: Oct 02, 2019 12:10:41 am