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Forest fire: A menace to environment

By EMN Updated: Mar 27, 2015 12:19 am

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nlike some parts of the world where forest fire/wildfire occurs naturally due to its vegitation,geography and climatic conditions, in Nagaland it is usually man made, mostly accidental and sometimes due to our carelessness and little do we know it has a huge impacts on the environment surroundings us. Forest fire not only kills the plants and vegetation that helps purify our air through photosynthesis but also produces a large amount of smoke which can directly affect our respiratory system. The smoke also contains a large amount of CO2,which is also the main components of green house gases which in turn is the cause of global warming.
Many animals,birds, insects and mirco organisms along with plants and vegetation are killed and even if some survives,the habitat is greatly disturbed and it will be difficult to survive in the new totally different environment. The food chain that starts from plants to animals to higher cycle of food web can be destroyed.
Educational and research values of different plants and animals is lost,and sometimes it can even clear the whole endemic species if any present in the forest.
Forest fire also alter the soil texture and it encourages the more fire resistance species and with repeated fire it can change the natural habitat. Usually the fire occurs in dry season and with the onset of rainy season the fertile soils can be washed away.
Forest helps in retaining the ground water,and when the plants and vegetation that supports the soil structure are dead,and the soil is more hard and dry due to fire, water flow on the surface and does not penetrate the soil and in the process decreases the underground water which ultimately leads to decrease in the spring water that we Nagas mostly depends on for clean water.
Forest fire also makes the forest more open and loose with plants and vegetation being killed by fire and with heavy rains the land slides can be more.
These are but some of the major effects of forest fire and there is a need to give bigger concern on this.
Traditional clearing of forest if any should be discouraged. Burning of plantations and jhum field without clearing the edges which is the cause of most forest fine should be well taken care of and also the educational institutions and department concerned should help spread the awareness at the grass root level.
Let’s help ourselves in making a green Nagaland for better tomorrow.

Vika Chishi

By EMN Updated: Mar 27, 2015 12:19:39 am