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Foothill road committee reviews work progress

By EMN Updated: May 04, 2014 1:16 am

Staff Reporter

The Nagaland Foothill Road Coordination Committee (NFHRCC) on Saturday received reports from the two contactors, engaged in executing fresh cut works in Wokha and Mokochung sectors, on the progress of work made thus far in their own respective sectors.
This report was supposed to be submitted in a joint meeting of NFHRCC and PWD (R&B) officials on Saturday. But for undisclosed reasons, the PWD officials could not attend the meeting today.
In Wokha sector, according to the contractor P Imty Ao, road formation cutting has been completed in seven sectors out of the total eight. The only problem has been at the stretch between Governor’s Camp and Old Ralan which coverea an area of 9 kms.
“Work could not progress in Governor’s Camp to Old Ralan (stretch) due to the villagers’ demand for a new alignment (of the road),” read the report from the contractor to the NFHRCC.
Taking due note of this, the NFHRCC has called for an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss this issue, among others. The NFHRCC has invited the SDO of Baghty Division, under Wokha district and the JE of Dimapur Division to attend the meeting.
The subject of realignment in Wokha and Rengmapani sectors are expected to be discussed in the meeting and thus the invitation to SDO of Baghty Division and JE of Dimapur Division. The meeting is also expected to discuss an unexpected development in connection with the issuing of work orders in Mon sector. As a preemptory measure, the NFHRCC on Saturday resolved to appeal the Chief Engineer (PWD) to withhold the issuing of work orders for Mon sector “in the light of the letter dated 20-1-14” till it has been discussed between the department and the Committee.
The other contractor, Yashitsungba Aier in charge of Mokokhung sector, reported that even as he had received work orders “for only 2.48 km road length”, at least 3.7 kms stretch of road between Longtho to Changki Agri Link Road has been completed already to the express satisfaction of “departmental officers.”
“We have already submitted our tender for the road length 34.54 km from Longtho to Yajang-C, though we are yet to receive the work order as per the instruction of the departmental officers, we have already started the work and completed first cutting in an around 3 kms from Longtho end,” the report read.
The NFHRCC is also expected to meet the PWD officials sometime in the second week of May.

By EMN Updated: May 04, 2014 1:16:09 am