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Foothill road committee reiterates intent for road project

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:56 pm

Why Foot Hill Road is an extra-ordinary Project? Because it is the unison voice of 10 Naga Tribes to bail out the Nagas from the yoke of humiliation and unreasonable harassments; Landowners parted with their land without even a penny of compensation; Freedom fighters fully agreed upon to exempt taxes; popular govt. agreed upon to put extra-ordinary efforts to meet the aspiration of the people.
The concerned department having fully understood the nature of the project offered the construction of the jeep-able road to the NFHRCC. Thereon, the Committee after much deliberation awarded the contract works in respect of Lotha sector to Shri. Imtikumzuk as it is fully expressed that there is no competent contractor from the Lotha Tribe. Accordingly, on 27-12-2013 the construction at the Lotha Sector was launched wherein there was not even a whisper from any quarter regarding the contract works. But in the meantime while the construction was in full swing on 05-02-2014, the WDC-ICU published in the media with regard to contract works. Subsequently, Kyong Hoho in support of which temporarily suspended the ongoing Foot Hill Road construction vide publication dated 12-02-2014. Consequent upon which on 15-02-2014, the NFHRCC invited both WDC-ICU and Kyong Hoho and thoroughly deliberated as to how the Foot Hill Project has came into being and as to why the contract works has been awarded to the present contractors. Thereon, having discussed the matter at threadbare the Kyong Hoho sought time to have more discussion with the WDC-ICU. Accordingly, NFHRCC granted 3 days time to the Kyong Hoho do the needful. However, despite of expiry of the stipulated time framed no intimation was made to the NFHRCC rather to utter surprise on 28-02-2014 the KLRSU published under the caption “Foot Hill Road Works under Bhandari Sub-division Sub-Standard”. Thus, being the situation on 08-03-2014, the Lotha Hoho, Kohima Union General Secretary along with two representatives from WDC-1CU came to the NFHRCC seeking permission for subletting the contract works. However, it came to light that before they approached the Committee they had already started the construction work on 07-03-2014. Therefore, the committee directed to immediately stop the unauthorized construction and have a discussion thereafter. However, it is confirmed the unauthorized construction was going on even on Sunday. Consequent upon which on 11-03-2014, the NFHRCC had a meeting with Contractor Shri. Imtikumzuk and the concerned thereon it was revealed that the Hon’ble MLA was the mastermind for the entire fiasco.
In this regard it is expedient to state herein that there are altogether 46 Hon’ble MLAs within the jurisdiction of the 10 tribes and till date all the Hon’ble MALs are rather encouraging and extending their helping hands to the NFHRCC to accomplish the Historic Mission. But it is utter surprising to state that as to why it was so difficult for Hon’ble MLA Mhonlumo Kikon to express his view to the NFHRCC or is it the NFHRCC is too tiny for Hon’ble MLA or instate of pressurizing the Chief Engineer and Shri. Imtikumzuk the Hon’ble MLA should have at least represented the Committee as he is fully aware of, about the nature of the project taking into consideration the resolution adopted on 23rd July 2013. It is also an admitted fact that on several occasions the Committee had published through media to represent the committee in the event of any grievances.
That, in the light of the news publication dated 13-03-2014; it is brought to the notice of the public that it is Hon’ble MLA Mhonlumo Kikon who had restrained the WDC-1CU for approaching the Court of law. In this regard it is made clear that citizen can approached the Court of Law when he is denied Justice. Interestingly, in the present issue the NFHRCC is against injustice therefore there is no reason to go to the Court of Law against the Historic Mission. Admittedly, NFHRCC doesn’t hold the license to stop anyone to approach the court of Law therefore any citizen can go to the court. So that the hidden history of 40 years will come to light.
It is alleged that, NFHRCC members manhandled the senior contractor Renthungo Kikon, which is found to be totally cooked-up and concocted story as a matter of fact on 08-03-2014, the NFHRCC had a marathon meeting wherein all the members were present. Mention may also be made that in the said meeting two representatives from WDC-1CU lead by General Secretary Lotha Hoho, Kohima came to seek permission for subletting the contract works therefore the allegation is found to be totally unfounded and baseless. “Wolf may put on sheep clothing but it will remain “WOLF”
NFHRCC comprising of ten Naga Tribes: Ao, Sumi, Lotha, Konyak, Phom, Rengma, Chang, Sangtem, Khiamniungan and Yimchungru will stand state fast “come what may”. It is also made very clear that the Committee will closely watch over the project with an eagle-eye and will not hesitate to fix anything to anyone whatsoever position he/she may holds and ready to shoulder any responsibilities in order to safeguard this Historic Mission.
1. Supu Jamir Convenor.
2. Hokeyi Yeptho Co-Convenor
3. B.Thawang Co-Convenor.
4. W.Y. Kithan Gen. Sec.
5. Dr. P.S. Loren AGS.
6. Pantick Phom AGS.

By EMN Updated: Mar 13, 2014 11:56:05 pm