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First Yajen Aier Award ceremony held in Kobulong

By Our Correspondent Updated: Oct 10, 2020 9:59 pm
Winners of the meritorious student awards (centre) along with education award committee members and officials from Asetkong Mungdang after the programme in Kobulong sub-division on October 10.

Our Correspondent
Kobulong, Oct. 10 (EMN):
The first Yajen Aier Award for meritorious students, an initiative of Asetkong Mungdang, was held at Asetkong Mungdang Senden Salang in Kobulong sub-division of Mokokchung district on October 10.

The objective of Yajen Aier Award is “Reinvigorating teaching and learning” and it is given to meritorious students of Asetkong citizens under NBSE. The award is divided into two categories namely state-level toppers in Class 10 and 12 and meritorious students awards for students of classes 8, 9 and 10 exclusively for schools under Asetkong range. The award carries cash and citations, said S Temsu Aier, convenor of the Asetkong Mungdang Education Award Committee.

Stating that the destiny of a nation depends on education, senior SDEO of Mokokchung Limasangba cautioned that a hole in the education system would lead to the collapse of a nation. He also pointed out that the people are socially and economically weak despite high literacy rate. He therefore stated that the younger generation has huge responsibility to bridge the cultural gap.

While telling the students that the award they received today was just a small share from the society, the education officer said they have a bigger share of responsibility and contribution to give back to the society. He further encouraged the students to become job providers, leaders and wealth-generators for the society rather than becoming job seekers.

“Responsibility of getting education is about engaging in discussing and finding solutions to the impossibility to possibility when our society faced obstacles,” he asserted.

To the teachers, he said they should not join the service for the handsome salary but for the love of teaching. Teachers should help the students to develop their critical thinking as well as help them to widen their scope to explore their potential, he added.

All the meritorious student awards for classes 8, 9 and 10 for schools under Asetkong range were won by Clark Memorial Higher Secondary School, Impur. Besides high school and middle school, there are nine schools in Asetkong range.
Meritorious student awards for class 8 went to Temsuyanger from Sungratsu village, while Rongsenpoker from Sungratsu village was awarded for Class 9 category and Toshisangla from Mopungchuket village for Class 10.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Oct 10, 2020 9:59:59 pm