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Fight this summer with frequent intake of water; avoid spice

By Temshinaro Updated: Jun 10, 2017 12:27 am
A girl cool herself as she takes a cool bath on the Dhansari River on a hot summer day in Dimapur on June 9.

Dimapur, June 9 (EMN): As the State experiences severe heat and humidity for the past three consecutive days in a row with Dimapur being worst hit, doctors have advised measures to fight the summer heat. However, the State witnessed relative comfort following midnight rain in Dimapur and continued rain in the State capital. Other parts of the State also witnessed slight change of weather with relative amount of rainfall.

As explained by Dr. Temsu Sashi (Medicine) of District Hospital, exposure to summer heat causes various ailments like cramps in muscles, headache, dizziness etc., and sometimes leading to extreme cases like heat stroke which may vary from person to person. He said most common heat of all are heat exhaustion or heat syncope which can be avoided with less exposure to sun.

Above all, he said people under medication should be more careful as they are more borne to heat related illnesses during such heat as having regular medicines reduces the amount of water level in the body.

When asked about the number of patients coming to the hospital with such ailments, Dr. Temsu said no heat related patients have come for treatment so far.

Skin specialist Dr. Molu Ozukum of District Hospital, when asked about ways to protect the skin during summer season, said that one has to stay hydrated all throughout the day in order to stay away from related problems during such season.

He advised the working people and students to avoid sun exposure as much as one can and that applying sunscreen above 30+ SPF both in body and face should be practiced. The doctor also recommended people to wash and dry undergarments in the sun as it kill fungus and bacteria that causes various skin irritations.

Dr. Molu also advised spice and meat lovers to avoid excess intake of dry meat/ fish and spices as it leads to sweating causing temperature rise in the body.

While suggesting the public to avoid long exposure to sun, Dr. Molu said face mask should always be used in order to stay away from dust allergy.

Commenting on taking bath with hot water and salt during summer, which is practiced by many, both the doctors disagreed saying that it does not give mush benefit as hot water dehydrates skin and that it absorbs moisture from the body.

Dimapur, as always, have been the hottest district of Nagaland. Without doubt, like the rest of the world because of global warming, the temperature this year is believed to have soared higher than most of the recent years. And with such temperature, normal life of the people has been much disturbed.


By Temshinaro Updated: Jun 10, 2017 12:27:28 am