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Fifth Note from Kohima releases debut music video

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 06, 2021 10:12 pm

Hovithal Sothu, project director, TaFMA (extreme left) with Kiredilie Kire, band manager of Fifth Note and the band members during the release of “Misfortune” at Keziekie in Kohima on Saturday. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Keziekie, Feb. 6 (EMN): Dr. Hovithal Sothu, project director of Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) officially released “Misfortune,” the first music video of Fifth Note on February 6 at Music Gym, Keziekie in Kohima.

Attending the launch programme as the special guest, Sothu congratulated the band for having released their music video and reminded them to continue to move on to become more professionals as musicians.

He said that Nagas loves music and everyone could either sing or hum a song. However, at the end of the day, it is about “professionalism”, he added.

The director viewed that those artists who couldn’t excel are the ones who complains the most and blames the government for the lack of facilities behind their failure. As such, he sought the attention of all the musicians and made a clarion call that it is through professionalism that one can succeed as an artist.

Stating that music is a “show business”, he said artistes have to present themselves well so as to attract people.  ‘If you can attract people the way you present a song or deck up, you are one step ahead towards professionalism,’ he added.

Sothu also informed how TaFMA has been emphasising through their programmes such while promoting music in the state. “If you do well, there is no reason why the world is not looking at you,” he said.

He also reminded the gathering that it is through preparations and practices that one become a better artiste while cautioning them not to be complacent even if they may have performed in some big stages.

Referring back to the original song being released by Fifth Note, he reminded that “being original” is what uplifts artistes in the next level. Though Nagas can do cover songs very well, it is ‘through originality that raises your Level 2,’ he said.

Sothu also reminded the musicians to go back and learn the basic of music so that they could write good songs or compose good music. 

Fifth Note, started in the year 2019, is a five-member band based in Kohima. The band evolved with the concept of lashing out the little talents in them for the glory of God.

However they do not pose themselves as pure gospel band, drawing most of their influence from the progressive and classic old school genres of music.

If they are to perform live set of covers, you most probably could catch them performing Whitecoss, Stryper, Circus Maximus and songs of that likes. Like any other famous bands, who started out performing covers, they love to and would love to cover songs of their influences, however, with the growing interests of original music in them as well as the crowd who comes to concerts and shows, they prefer to work more on their originals.

The band’s name “Fifth Note” is more to do with each of the members holding on to one note of the Tonic Solfa, hopefully one day they will find another two members to complete an Octave.

The band has had their first gig on the World Music Day 2019 and ever since has performed at numerous closed door events and programmes.

The band believes in good music and even more in clean music, has a clear understanding that good times and music can be brought together even without alcohol, drugs or things of that sort.

The song *Misfortune?* revolves around a person’s stage of life where all things seems unfair, uncertain and unfortunate. It is a continuous struggle of being in a dark chaos alone, broken and confused feeding by unsure promises and lies.

The song is an end reminder on how one can make it through this tough and crucial times while keeping in mind that it is the person himself who has the heart and the power to change the story, to change the situation, to change the world.

The music video is available on YouTube and various social media platforms.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Feb 06, 2021 10:12:07 pm