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Feed for the generation X

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2014 11:35 pm

Have you seriously asked why you do the things that you do? Perhaps, things can be quite the opposite of what should be and not what is. Tell you what? Nobody is in absolute control of their life! Everyone besides a lunatic is obliged to live by guiding principles and within accepted norms. Not such a bad thing though, but that’s not what I am talking about.
Besides the moral ethics, creed and societal standards that governs human conduct, what if you were to be told that you are being programmed by some scrupulous manipulative mind control maniacs to function according to their design and to do their biddings? Will that be stepping on everyone’s toe? Yeah! Nobody tells me to breath, put on socks, eat meat, etc. sounds like I am the boss.Well, you don’t really need to be a genius to understand that, human in spite being capable of rationality, behaves like a herd of cattle on an “ever continuing migration in pursuit for greener pastures” and no matter what, you follow the crowd. There seem to be an innate want in us to be conditioned and be part of a group, and that can become a hazardous driving force. There is an old movie called “The Wave” Which is based on the real life experiment in 1967 by a history teacher in Cubberley high school, California, and how it spiraled out of hand and led to an almost full blown Nazi regime like situation in that school, though it was in a controlled environment where the teacher, at the point of a culminating climax let the moral of the experiment dawn on the students in self realization of what they have been led through. I was spell bound and it stirs me up whenever it crosses my mind. It all started when a girl asked the teacher in astonishment as to how people would let something unimaginable as the holocaust happen? If you have not watched the movie, I highly recommend that you should, only then you would understand what I mean. There is so much that the world sells to us every day. We are fed 24/7 through every means of imaginable media telling us how to dress, eat, move, what to like, what is cool, what is and is not acceptable. Retrospect carefully and see how much you have been shaped by these feedings. Everything that modernity produce becomes indispensable down to the little memory card in your cell phone. Our priorities and values can be readily pre determined by the trash of popular belief screaming out loud from every nook and comer. Blessed are the ignorant for they shall not be victims of face book maniacs and mindless bloggers.
Like it or not, we are caught up in a rapid trend setting and techno savvy time warp. It is a war against a much bigger foe than the swastika killing machines. We are being led into an unsuspecting drill of mind control like the Nazi regime but in a more complex and thorough exercise via the virtual world that most people are entangled in. It penetrates into the individual spaces by way of social networks and radio waves. If you are not that type to stand back and evaluate what is going on around, you are a sure victim of the divisive nerds who design and run the fibre optic shows from around the world and are draining every bit of reality from you. Somebody is making huge pile of money out of your precious time while you unwittingly get glued to a game you will never win. We are not so different than people in “The Wave” only the setting, time and space are different. Will it be a mass extinction of reasoning minds and start of a new age of cyber zombies?

Kekhrieneizo Nakhro

By EMN Updated: May 07, 2014 11:35:54 pm