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Sunday, February 05, 2023

Family in Kashmir pushed to penury during lockdown

By IANS Updated: Apr 02, 2020 3:46 pm

Srinagar, April 2 (IANS): As the coronavirus pandemic spreads many living at the fringes of poverty are finding it absolutely difficult to make ends meet. A lockdown has also meant no work for many who are now at the verge of breaking down and cannot sustain it any longer.

Mohammad Shaban in Kashmir is one of those who has been hit hard by the lockdown. He came with his family of seven from Kupwara to Srinagar just before the lockdown was enforced last month is extremely worried.

Last few years have been extremely tough for him and his family. He lost his eye sight after he got hit with a pellet shot in 2016 Kashmir unrest. An eye surgery a year later helped him to gain partial sight in one eye. He has no food or resources to see through the lockdown period.

“I remained hungry for four days in Srinagar, for last four years we have not eaten anything, just boiled potatoes and drinking water, I request all the people to help me I have nothing,” said Mohammad Shaban.

With no money and resources and a lockdown in the wake of corona pandemic the hardships of this family have multiplied.

“I want people to help me to give me some food and help me with assistance for eye operation, I can’t do anything, people help me to eat my food and to take me to wash room,” said Mohammad Shaban.

After reports of this distraught family poured in the Srinagar district Administration responded with help and assistance.

DC of Srinagar Shahid Choudhary said the administration is taking care of the family. Food materials and other essentials have been sent to them.

Mohammad Shaban and his family needs help and assistance to see through the lockdown period. Eventually, he is looking forward to more help to him to do his eye surgery to regain his vision.

By IANS Updated: Apr 02, 2020 3:46:47 pm