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Faith of Brokenness and Revival

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By Ambrose.J.Chakre

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

“You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.”

The rain does not always come, neither does the sun shine on all days. For as in times of joy we rejoice, so in sorrows we weep. The world in its nature will always be hostile towards God’s kingdom. And since this is what the reality is, it will always be in opposition to all that is good. There will be none who will continually like to live in darkness and it is in such moments the desire for comfort comes more. The likes of Samson knew not brokenness till his eyes were gouged out but it was in the moments of desperation that his spirit cried more. Though a man of God was he, he might not have prayed as much as he should while in his high moments.

The deception of betrayal might have wounded him deeply but even in his anguish he knew who was with him. The man chosen to be a judge over Israel was pushed to the ground, laid low in the dust. Yet even as he was imprisoned, bounded in chains, his prayer was not restoration but for the revival of his strength. Thus as we see how the last days of this man of God were more glorious than his former days. The man chosen from birth to be a Nazareth was one till the day he died. The history of this Judge teaches us of what God’s favor does and even though we may not see him in chains with his eyes gouged out, we know the better place he is in now. The death he died was for the sake of his people, his God and such great was his zeal that his name is preached much in God’s Church. This judge was a Nazareth till his last breathe and as the beloved of God, our passion and faith must rise more in these last days. The faith of God’s beloved must stand firm in humility and brokenness. The ways of God are our desires.
( Psalm 73:26 ) ( Psalm 18:28 )

N.B: This is written in honor of our members who are link to God and to us through the Holiness of Christ. Slaves, that is what we are of holiness and as we pursue righteousness, we desire to impact and transform lives through His Spirit. The lost will be found. As we continue in this we will remember all that we did for God, for each other and for the sinners. The moments of the present will become the memories for the future. God loves the Church of Christ.

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