Expelled NSCN (K-YA) Leaders Reject Corruption, Conspiracy Charges Apr 13
Thursday, July 11, 2024

Expelled NSCN (K-YA) leaders reject corruption, conspiracy charges

By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2023 6:03 pm
DIMAPUR — The recent expelled leaders of NSCN/GPRN (K-YA), Nyeiton Konyak, Home Kilonser; and A Khampei Opeiham,  Chairman, Konyak Region; rejected the allegations of corruption and conspiracy levelled against them, maintaining that the charges were based on “no solid ground”.

In a press statement issued on Thursday, Nyeiton Konyak clarified that the duo did not attend the meeting of the Naga army on April 8. However, it said the meeting ‘could not be stopped as the gathering of the Naga army was rightfully conducted regardless of the matter discussed’.

It went on to claim that the conduct and functioning of the president Yung Aung had been “doubtful and unacceptable” to the people and Naga Army for a “long time”. “Thus the uprising is justified in its own terms,” it said.

However, it was done without their consent, it added.

Concerning the involvement in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly election, it said the duo cast their votes as it is their “inalienable right” and “no illegal act” was carried out by them.

“The disqualification from the membership of the NSCN/GPRN of the duo by the president stands unaccepted, thus null and void. As the duo has done nothing against the government nor against the Naga people in their long years of service,” read the statement.

With regard to the meeting with the civil society organisations of Naga inhabited areas, the statement said it was “necessary to do so since the president Yung Aung, during his five years of leadership, has made no attempt to live in peaceful coexistence with the Naga people whom they represent”.

“The history of the Nagas and the Naga army has never been confusing. It has always stood for the people and the people’s government. The much respected leaders of the past and present of the Naga army, regardless of the factions, have stood for the cause of the people. Following the footsteps of our dear leaders, the duo takes this stand to work and lead the people’s army till the end. To work hand-in-hand under the leadership of President Yung Aung and no disqualification issued whatsoever shall affect their desire to work for the nation,” it stated.

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By EMN Updated: Apr 13, 2023 6:03:08 pm
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