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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Examination tips for the on-going HSLC/HSSLC Exam 2023

By EMN Updated: Mar 08, 2023 11:10 pm

I, as a simple former teacher in schools, for 20 years and as a retired official of the department, I have an ideal passion for students in their pursuit of studies especially during school examinations. And as a concerned senior citizen, now 72 years of age, would like to give little hints, as exam tips to the students community which I learnt from my professors while I was doing my B.Ed from Nagaland College of Teacher’s Education, Kohima affiliated to North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in 1983 which I don’t forget but reminding the students since then.

The tips go like this-

1. If the exam questions are easy for you, write carefully


If the exam questions are tough for you, think carefully,

To interpret this quotations, it may be noted in this way that in case you find the exam questions in your exam hall very easy for you to answer because most of the questions are from the content or portions from the areas of your preparation, but unless you put these into writing properly, you won’t get good marks because of your pride or over confidence that you know all the answers. Also, it is not a question of knowing all the answers but a question of writing properly in correct sentences with correct points in neat and fair handwriting.

Again, if you find your exam questions are tough for you or out of the areas or portion from your preparation, do not just submit your answer scripts to the exam invigilators in the exam hall immediately but think carefully or critically pondering the questions from where these questions are from, which topics (lessons) on the pages, paragraphs whether on the left or right side of your text books, whether on the top, middle or bottom of the pages which you have come across during your preparation for the exam. And if you think carefully, on the concept of the question, some relevant ideas can surely come to your mind to answer even those tough questions to some extent.

2. Utilise your full allotted time in the exam hall, i.e, not to hurry too much to submit your answer scripts after the first or second hours but can remain and go through your questions and how you have answered such questions that you don’t make any major mistakes in answering. In fact, understand the questions first, what really is being asked for you to answer but do not give any answer without understanding the question, properly.

3. Do not make any random attempt to answer the objective types of questions; multiple choices-fill in the blanks, true or false, tick the correct or wrong answer, etc.

4. Use your smoothest fountain or ball pen you have tested from home so that you can write faster and neat and clean on each page of your answer scripts.

5. Try to answer those questions first which you know clearly and then the rest of the questions which you may need more time to think properly and also write according to the value of the question, by spending equal attention (several minutes on each questions).

6. Try to attempt maximum number of questions to get more marks.

7. Do not bluff your answer scripts or the examiners by writing any joking word like: ‘I will stop here’ or ‘I know this much only’ or ‘bye bye’ or ‘give me more marks’ or ‘help me to pass’, etc. because bluffing your answer scripts is bluffing yourself or the teaching community.

8. Do not indulge in any unfair means; copying from loose papers/note copies or text books, even copying from your friends or talking with your friends or invigilators to get help for the answers.

9. Avoid all unnecessary activities and worriness, eat more vegetables and fish by avoiding red and fatty meat.

10. Drink enough boiled water and sleep properly or get enough sleep.

11. Do not over stay at night and get up early in the morning and do not be late to reach the exam hall lest you become nervous.

Some more and more points and suggestions for the welfare of both teachers and students even for the School Education Department in the near future, shall be published in a book form or local media to seek co-operation and support from all like-minded people towards quality education.

In conclusion, the exam invigilators in the exam hall should move around by spending their attention to all the examinees without standing for a long period nearby a particular candidate or reading the writings of how he/she writes or answers on the answer scripts.

Ruovihulie Angami, B.A;B.Ed,Retd. Jt.Director of School Education Nagaland.

By EMN Updated: Mar 08, 2023 11:10:08 pm