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Evict illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, demands SN

By EMN Updated: Nov 27, 2014 12:02 am

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An organization in Dimapur has demanded deportation of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants (IBIs) from Nagaland following another attack on a local by three persons, alleged to be illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. A local organization, Survival Nagaland on Tuesday demanded immediate identification and deportation of all illegal immigrants from the state.
The move of this organization was prompted following a brutal attack on the life of a Naga person, one Kughalu Chophy, on the night of November 24 by persons widely reported to be of Bangladeshi origin.
Members of Survival Nagaland gathered at Notun Basti junction in Dimapur on Tuesday and discussed issues pertaining to the menace brought in by the growing population of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the state. The recent years continue to see an alarming rise in criminal activities being committed by the foreigners in Nagaland.
Drawing attention of the state government and the Naga society to the growing criminal and antisocial activities by Bangladeshi nationals in the state – even on local persons – advisor to Survival Nagaland Joel Nillo Kath has said that the issue was not the concern of a single community alone but of the entire Naga population and peoples. The main concern was whether or not the Naga people would stand united in the fight against the growing influx of illegal immigrants into the region, the civil leader said.
Expressing regret that some Nagas were ‘greedy’ in their selfish pursuit, leaders of Survival Nagaland appealed to the Naga councils and GBs to sign an agreement to evict Bangladeshi immigrants from their respective jurisdictions within 24 hours. If not the Naga youths will be compelled to take own course of action, he warned.
Lamenting over the scenario of Nagaland where Nagas have become ‘slaves’ of Bangladeshi nationals, the organization asserted that the illegal immigrants were creating political, social and economy enmities and disparities amongst the Nagas. They have called upon all right-thinking Nagas to stop giving ‘cheap labour’ to them and freeze their economy instead of encouraging the foreigners to carry out their businesses in the state.
Reminding that Survival Nagaland was a non violent organization, Kath appealed to all not to be ‘aggressive in their dealings’ but to educate each other on the issue and prevent more Nagas from becoming ‘slaves of the outsiders.’
Gaon Bura of Notun Basti responded to the appeal of Survival Nagaland to set an agreement to evict Bangladeshi nationals but said that it will not be possible within 24 hours. The GB of the village has assured on behalf of the council that a general meeting will be called to deliberate on the issue.

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