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Saturday, April 13, 2024
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EVGA ends partnership with Nvidia, will exit GPU market

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Sep 18, 2022 9:41 pm
EVGA ends partnership with Nvidia
Source: EVGA.

Popular graphics card brand, EVGA, has revealed that it has ended its long-term partnership with GPU maker Nvidia and will be exiting the GPU market entirely.

Well-known YouTube content creators, JayZTwoCents and Gamers Nexus, announced the news on their channels on Friday and revealed that EVGA CEO Andrew Han confirmed the news with them in a closed-door interview.

According to Steve Burke, Editor-in-Chief at Gamers Nexus, EVGA terminated its relationship with NVIDIA citing “disrespectful treatment, among other things.” The video also suggests that EVGA will be exiting the GPU market entirely and does not plan to switch allegiance to AMD or Intel either. However, the company has confirmed that it will will continue to sell and support the RTX 30 series cards until it runs out of inventory. The company has also confirmed that customers will still be able to claim warranties on relevant products.

On its offcial forum, the company wrote, “EVGA will not carry the next generation graphics cards. EVGA will continue to support the existing current generation products. EVGA will continue to provide the current generation products. EVGA is committed to our customers and will continue to offer sales and support on the current lineup. Also, EVGA would like to say thank you to our great community for the many years of support and enthusiasm for EVGA graphics cards.”

Following the news, Nvidia’s Bryan Del Rizzo, the director of global public relations for GeForce, told Tom’s Hardware, “We’ve had a great partnership with EVGA over the years and will continue to support them on our current generation of products. We wish Andrew and our friends at EVGA all the best.”

It remains to be seen how this change in EVGA’s market policy will affect the company in the long run. Several tech youtubers have pointed out that 80% of EVGA’s revenue comes from selling Nvidia’s GPUs. However, Han told Burke that the profit margin for their power supplies is 300% higher than on video cards. EVGA will instead focus on making other hardware like motherboards, power supplies, mice, keyboards, cases and cooling equipment.

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Sep 18, 2022 9:41:21 pm
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