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Every Great and Visionary Leader Deserves a Second Chance

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 11:27 pm

Anyone who has the zeal to lead his people with great visions and capable of doing an all round development, deserves a second chance. As we all know Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, to develop a nation with prosperity and advancement, it needs more time and space for any leader to initiate and implement it. I believe second chance is stronger than secrets. One can let secrets go but a second chance? We don’t let that pass by. Everybody deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistakes. Second chance is given when you have been hurt, betrayed, or disappointed by someone you care about. Yet forgiveness is the most important tool that is fundamental to human relationships. Giving up on leaders because they have let you down, be it politicians or favourite personalities. Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Sometimes we go against our dynamic leaders because of some misunderstanding but, it is solely when we lack credibility and positivity. Human wants are unlimited and therefore, out of want for more and more, we go on astray against our leader leading to allegations against our leader which is unpalatable in truest sense. A good and vibrant leadership is one who not only led, explores but inspires the followers and therefore, I believe that more time and space is important for every visionary leader for the good policies, works and programmes and more time should be given to them. For instance, if some programmes cannot be covered and implemented within the stipulated time i.e. in the context of our current MLA’S with their tenure for only five years, whatever the policies and implementation of the programs for execution of works requires quite comfortable times. Especially, during the time of political turmoil of our current NPF led DAN state government, we had witnessed often changing of top leadership like changing of chameleon colours on and off, and hence changing of portfolios was very common. So it is not possible to quench the thirst of the people at a right time.

A leader ‘comes and goes’ but when under whose leadership had done a commendable works is remembered and the legacy left by them continuous to the succeeding generations and follow their footsteps as a role model. One such imminent personality was late J.N Aier, the father of Dr.N.Benjongliba Aier , the current parliamentary secretary from 30th Alongtaki Constituency. When their fellow people were still at dark side, J.N Aier to his credit did so many commendable, applaudable and memorable works particularly in the field of education and he is one of the harbingers in the field of education among the Aos. He worked tirelessly and selflessly for the betterment and advancement of the people despite facing so many odds and shortcomings. Had he been alive with us then, we will enjoy his blessings with an all round development in our land but unfortunately and unlucky for us, a true dynamic and dedicated leader like him is no more with us and he passed away to Heavenly abode.

A person like him needs today in our society to lead the people from apathy with ambition, despair with determination and backwardness with full advancement. Although he is gone, we have still repose our faith to our truest and ablest leader Dr. N Benjongliba Aier who has the zeal to carry the torch undimmed of his late father vision to a pristine glory and to lead us in all fronts. He is as able as like his father and a visionary leader of our time who is committed to serve his people unflinchingly. His interest in politics is not because of his love for fame, money, prestige or by pressure from political groups but solely because of his volition and for his love and passion to serve the people.

Since we live in a democracy where freedom of expression and speech is maintained and so, we have the freedom to choose anyone by ourselves who can lead us and whom we think capable of handling our problems. Hence, I fully exercise my rights and fully endorse my current leader Dr. N Benjongliba Aier for the reason best known to me. I’m not an adversaries to his political rival neither politicizing through my article for my personal interest and publicity nor Am I a hardcore politician, but as a layman’s view, I’m penning down this write up firmly to what I feel from my heart, seen by my eyes and heard from my ears. Despite having so many false allegations from every corner, yet he is as cool as no chilling freeze and handles it through his soft political will, wit and wisdom. In reality check, he is dedicated, kind hearted, great statesman, good orator, and straight forward, understand the needs of the people and always keen and ready to serve the people. He doesn’t only think for himself but for everyone and for the cause of the people and rightly he is standing above us as a deserving leader of our time.

Had his motive in his life been only low profile thinking then he would rather sit down peacefully on his retirement chair because, he was holding such a respectable position in the office as well as in the society and also, not forgetting to mention about his material wealth with God gifted blessings. But he has the zeal, desire and vision for his people, and I think it is still not accomplished for him to vacate his chair. Therefore, we should give him a second chance unconditionally. Not bothering with this appeal, no doubt he had done so many developmental activities in his constituency. One such commendable work is the installation of bore well in Lirmen village along with some number of other villages too. Prior to this, the villagers used to go to deep jungle to fetch water even at night time for their daily needs and hence, they had suffered lot due to acute shortage of water. Besides this, the construction of Lirmen Senso road connecting Lirmen and Tsuremmen, construction of link roads, construction of community buildings, construction of new buildings and extensions and upgradation of schools etc were some of his works which is credited to our dynamic leader. Hats off and salute to our tall and charismatic leader for such initiatives.

I went to my village twice last year for a seminar and a free medical camp, there I really saw the differences of what was before and current status of my village. From the top to the grassroots level the sanction pattern was done wisely pleasing all the people living in the village. NREGAS, IAY, BPL, LADF etc were rightly implemented. But frankly, I was little disappointed of the road condition otherwise, there was no obstacle to pin point critically. This bad road condition is not to be blamed to our leader but attributed from the lack of financial assistance from the centre and shortage of money in state coffer. So, in order to rectify this bad road condition, let us give our visionary leader a second chance in order to initiate schemes and projects from the centre as he had been always trying his best efforts to initiate, renovate and execute it.

A person is not fit in all the areas to satisfy the people thus, everyone has shortcomings and it doesn’t mean that once you were denied, you oppose to it. It is not a compulsion on the part of an enthusiast leader who has the desire to lead the people. Let us give a second chance to whom we consider can lead us with passion and honesty. Let us choose wisely who can lead us towards an all round development. Instead of dissecting for another political propaganda, let us stay firm and steadfast and wait for their stint task to fulfil us with more initiatives, and above all for an all round development. Changing of capable leadership who is yearning for development and who is yet to accomplish his dreams could be too disastrous for us. With our economy been fragile with outside sanction and support; whatever the policies, projects and implementations in our constituency for the past five years by our leader will go in vain. Changing of leadership now will only put mistrust and backwardness and will definitely mislead the innocent public for another five years. Hence, let us give a clarion call to our leader to be chosen for another five years to be more pragmatic and put our trust again for an all round developmental activities in our constituency to whom we consider as a deserving leader. Let us work together for the betterment of today and enjoy the blessings of tomorrow. Hope for the best and yet to come.

Yarangchang imchen
Lirmen village

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 11:27:03 pm