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Event schedule for Hornbill Music Festival 2014

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 8:50 pm

Winter is here, and with it the celebration of music as we ready for the Hornbill Music Festival of 2014! The Hornbill International Rock Contest will not be the only highlight during the music festival, we inform our fans.
We, Nagaland Outdoors Club & Sky Entertainment, are delighted to present to you a schedule packed with music, fun, and oh, did we mention great music?
December 1: Night of the Home Warriors
Accomplished bands from Nagaland will be performing on December 1. Some of the better known groups in our state will be playing for you: Divine Connection, Alobo Naga & the Band, and brilliant new rockers Hello Radio and Purple Fusion too. Meaning, you have a show that is approximately three and half hour!
December 2: Grand Finale of Naga Orpheus Hunt 2014
Finalists of the erstwhile Naga Idol will be fighting it out on the stage on the night of December 2. Competitive rounds of the 2014 edition of the Naga Orpheus talent hunt are currently underway. Dimapur-based Soyachunks is organizing the talent hunt for this year’s edition. Come, cheer for your favorite contestant!
December 3: Back in time
Legendary British country rock group Smokie from England will be headlining the evening. Besides, classics from the million-selling group of the yesteryears, the concert will also feature two brilliant and upcoming rock groups, K3M and Highland Oracle from Nagaland.
December 4-December 7
The four-day Hornbill International Rock Contest will be one of the showcase events of the Hornbill Music festival. 29 nine rock bands from across the state, northeast and India will be facing the music on the four days. To top it off, American guitar god Vinnie Moore will be there too! Vinnie Moore, Sanjay Divecha from Mumbai, Thejove Medeo and Wati Imchen from Nagaland will be judging the contest. Did we forget to mention here that Vinnie Moore will be performing a special set on the 7th? There, we just mentioned it!
December 8: Love East
Dance, music, fun and more music! That is Love East EDM/ Rap Night: LC (Naga rapper) will be dishing out an aural buffet to delight you through the night. There is none other than DJ Barkha, the Indian star DJ. Well, she needs no mention! The second performer us DJ Ina has been performing since 2009 and has already performed in top clubs across India. He has also performed with the prestigious Kitty Su club, where superstars such as Avicii and Steve Aoki, and Dada Life have performed.
December 9: One Wild Night
Another highlight to add to the whole fun week is, Bon Giovi, from England. That is the official tribute band of Bon Jovi for you. The group will be performing for you some of the greatest rock ballads and hits from one of the biggest rock bands in history we know as Bon Jovi. The opening band for Bon Giovi will be Mumbai-based band Koniac Net.
December 10: Tear Drops of the Hills
The concept of ‘Tear Drops of the Hills’ is that the people of north east India continue to face harsh realities in India as it has been for many years. Although citizens of the country, people of the NE region have always been looked down and treated as an alien in our own land. Crimes and injustices continue to be perpetrated against the people of the seven sisters because they just happened to look different, dress differently, and have a culture that’s different. We are as much as Indian as our brothers and sisters in mainland India; that is the idea of this event.
On the evening of December 10, various rock groups from North East India will be performing and perhaps spread the message of not only unity, but unity in diversity a swell. The line of groups will leave you screaming for more.
Who are the bands that will be playing for you? Vivace (Nagaland), Street Stories (Shillong), The Scavenger Project (Mizoram), Lucid Recess (Assam), Pulse Pundit (Manipur) and Yesterdrive (Arunachal).

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 8:50:23 pm