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Etched in My Mind

By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2016 5:33 pm

It was a perspiring afternoon listening to the man of God opening God’s authoritative word right before our hearts. I was convicted, guilt-stricken and deeply moved by the presentation of it not with human eloquence or oration but a demonstration of God’s power and dynamite. I left the college challenged, sober and feeling a sense of lost-ness of my own feebleness and incompetence.
I returned home with the thought of resting. Once again, my body was tired, sluggish and relaxed. In the back of my mind, I remembered the call of my friend to go down to a place of solitary mount with children numbering 70+. Leading them into singing and my vocal and fatigue got lost in the midst of those heavenly voices. My mind will be etched with memories of them singing “Shalom” to pockets of listeners. The song echoes to a tattered, cold, harsh and cruel world. The face of angels with innocence covering their simple yet shattered appearances. I saw the hollow and mysterious sleepy eyes longing for loving embrace and care. Many of them were lost in their own world and we prayed the Lord shine His light upon their simple hearts with the divine touch. I was drained yet I couldn’t help but notice they were too weary as well. Dozens of them were dozing off on their dry wooden seats with no one to lean on.
I wish I could paint a picture of those puzzling “Big Eyes” before you. Why in the world and that too at this young fragile years? It reminds me of my high-school days, a chapter on “What Men Live by” by Leo Tolstoy. The angel pitied but God’s command stands supreme. What lessons do we have to learn? The angel suffers to learn the enigma of human predicaments. I see no point in grasping the will and plans of God in such a state.
I see parents carrying kids on their bosoms to schools. I see kids returning after a long tiresome day to rest in the comfort of one’s own home. “This is not fair,” as I dejectedly mused about. “Why so much disparity?” and my heart would not let me rest. These kids need love, security and shelter. They need decent clothes to cover their bodies, education and proper sanitations for their health and well-being. Yes, I have my questions as youalso may have. But what good is sympathyand reasoning if there are no deeds displayed. I’m not a philanthropist or a rich chap. But I know how and where to invest. It is in this kind of places that they need our love the most. The society we live in today has become self-centred, selfish and seekers of one’s own gain. But a visit to this heavenly place will change your worldview around. I bet you meet them in persons and see for yourselves. No one should ever leave the place without emptying their pockets.
The Bible tells us, “And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me” (Matthew 18:5).
Vebu Khamo
Kohima Bible College (Alumni)

By EMN Updated: Jun 04, 2016 5:33:55 pm