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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

ENWO holds public rally for Frontier Nagaland

By Mongshai Updated: Oct 25, 2022 11:14 pm
Members of ENWO at Tuensang parade ground on Tuesday. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Tuensang, Oct. 25 (EMN):
The Eastern Nagaland Women Organisation (ENWO) organised a public rally as part of the Frontier Nagaland statehood demand at Tuensang parade ground on Tuesday.

Women apex bodies of all eastern Nagaland federating districts came together to participate in the said rally.

A Shamthai Phom, President of ENWO, stated that the demand for a separate state is legitimate.

“It is a public movement from the grassroots”, she added. Maintaining that the rally is constitutional, she also said it is symbolic of discontentment and unhappiness of the eastern Nagas.

Short speeches were delivered by all the presidents of the seven tribal women bodies. Apila (AST, Sangtam), in her speech, asserted that when women stand, ‘nothing can move them until their demand is fulfilled’.

Stating that ENPO, ENSF and ENWO are like the three rocks that make the hearth in a kitchen, she said together they will work for the liberation of eastern Nagas.

Y Akala (CTS, Chang) urged the leaders of eastern Nagaland to ‘not give into temptation no matter what false promises people might offer’.

Newkhai(KMH, Khiamniungan) expressed that the region has been lagging behind in all areas of development and have been given ‘step-motherly treatment’. She further stated that it has been neglected for a long time and no standard development has been taking place because of inequality.

Taking the position of village guards(VGs) as an example of inequality, she underscored that VGs in eastern districts provide services beyond their salary or income.

Meanwhile, Ponglem (KNSK, Konyak) highlighted how in history, statehood was attained because of a collective agreement between all citizens of Nagaland, ‘whereas fact states that there are obvious generation gaps between western and eastern Nagas’.

‘All we are asking for is a constitutional right and justice which were denied for a long time. The government should support our demand,’ she added.

M Mano (Phomla Hoichem, Phom) stated that the demand for Naga solution is a collective demand whereas Frontier Nagaland is separate. She further stated that if ‘we march together for a solution, one day there will be liberation’.

Resangla Susana (YWO, Yimkhuing) asserted that the women of eastern Nagaland are marching forward and there is no looking back. “We will strive until our demands are met and will stand till the end”, she added.

Y Tushila Caroline (TWA, Thikhir), while expressing gratitude to all six tribes for supporting and enabling the Tikhir tribe to be recognised, urged the congregation not to neglect their rights and faith. Stating the importance of positive feedback, she urged everyone to be positive in their approach and encourage leaders who are on the frontline.

By Mongshai Updated: Oct 25, 2022 11:14:08 pm