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ENSF delegation engages in peace mission

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2015 12:03 am

Dimapur, February 26

In the backdrop of Tuensang incident, six federating units of Eastern Naga Students Federation (ENSF) have signed an ‘Oath of affirmation’ at Longleng district on February 25 after ENSF’s tour to affected areas under the theme: ‘Mission for Peace’. The 16-day tour which began on February 10 aimed at tracking and identifying the elements that had caused disturbances and chaos in the region. The federating units of ENSF include Konyak Students’ Union (KSU), United Sangtam Students’ Conference (USSC), Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU), Phom Students’ Conference (PSC), Confederation of Chang Students’ Union (CCSU) and Yimchungru Akheru Arihako (YAA).
A joint meeting of all the frontal organizations of ENPO held on last day of the tour passed an 8-point resolution to be strictly executed and adhered to by all. Accordingly, the Federation declared “Enough Is Enough” and any elements that stand against the path that leads to students’ future will not be tolerated. In this regard, both the parties at conflict have been directed to adhere to without question. “Whosoever or in whosoever jurisdiction if such act of violence is being repeated, the Federation will not tolerate and extreme punishment be imposed as per the law of the land.”
Having deliberated on ‘instigated press statement’, the meeting resolved to uphold and maintain peace and tranquility in the society, and that provocative and instigative press statement which creates confusion and disturbs peace, progress and minds of the public be refrained. The meeting directed respective tribal and students’ bodies to abide by the resolution and control all the societies/groups/unions and individuals within its fold.
On the rumor that some NPG or its cadres are involved in the present conflict that instigated more tension, the Federation appealed to all the ‘Naga political groups’ to immediately call back and confine all its cadres to their respective designated camps. “All NPGs should abstain or refrain from being involved on the present conflict either on its tribal line or its organization.”
The ENSF Vice President Z. Throngse Yimchungru and Assembly Speaker N.C. Mongko Chang in a statement, urged all the NPGs to cooperate and vacate the present conflict zone as defined and demarcated by the government immediately and without delay. “Any cadres or members from any NPG, either on its government’s duty or at his self-vested and mooted interest is found to be involved, then the parent organization shall be held accountable for such act committed. On this regard, All the Naga political groups are requested to comply with its appeals failing which the ENSF shall issue “Non Cooperation” within its jurisdiction.”
On account of mass students exodus from educational institution in Tuensang town, the Federation appealed to all institutions across the state (Both govt and private to consider the admission of those students on special ground. The Federation strongly recommended the representation submitted to the state government by the Yimchungru Akheru Arihako (YAA) and the same be fulfilled without delay. It also requested both government and concerned department to initiate establishment of the education institution at Shamatore and Chessore so as to accommodate those displaced students immediately. The concerned and respective student bodies have also been directed to furnish the details information on displaced students so as to expedite execution and implementation by the ENSF.
While congratulating the new office bearers of ENPO, the Federation appealed its parent body to expedite immediate measures so as to bring permanent solution on C/Saddle issues. Meanwhile, the Federation extended its full cooperation to the ENPO and the State government in its venture for peace and solution and urged all sections of society for cooperation.
The Federation after thorough observation and analysis on the issues, urged upon the general public not to politicize C/Saddle issue against the wishes and aspiration of the other fellow-being.
The Federation strongly urged upon all sector unions and the citizens of Tuensang town to immediately initiate measures for creating an atmosphere where bonafide citizens displaced from Tuensang can safely return to their respective home again.
The Federation said, it will undertake 2nd phase of tour “Mission for Peace” to all the affected areas by March 5.

By EMN Updated: Feb 27, 2015 12:03:08 am