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‘Engineers are backbone of infrastructure development’

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 15, 2018 11:30 pm
Chanbemo Lotha speaking at the 51st Engineers’ Day celebration in Kohima on Sat. Sep. 15.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Sep. 15 (EMN): Terming engineers as the backbone for all round infrastructure development and the cream of the society, who are respected both by the public and the intellectuals, state chief information commissioner Chanbemo Lotha has urged the former to continue upholding their status attached to their profession through hard work and sincerity.
Lotha said this in his speech at the celebration of the 51st Engineers’ Day as a special guest in Kohima organised by the Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Service Association (FONSESA) at NPWD conference hall, Kohima, on the theme “Digital transformation: A new industrial revolution” on September 15.

On the occasion, Lotha urged the engineers to examine their actions as to whether they deserved to be recognised as cream of the society. “We have to work hard with honesty, dedication with a clear vision and targets to earn the name,” said Lotha.

While commenting that the economy of the country depended on the infrastructure and there lies the responsibility of the engineers; he said the failure on their part for the jobs assigned will be colossal loss for the country and the state.

“Our primary focus of attention should be achieving targets for the jobs which will benefit the people and the future generations in which we are also included. Our focus also should be for the welfare of future generations where we should not let them suffer due to our failures,” he said.

He further called upon the engineers to update the skills and knowledge and catch up to the present trend to achieve their goals.
“Political boundaries are at best artificial if we can bring the primary focus of our concerted efforts on creation of opportunities. This will lead to asset creation.

Unless asset is created, our state will not progress due to lack of our own resources which will contribute to failure in management of the state affairs as it is visible today,” he asserted.

While speaking on the theme, the special guest suggested that engineers should work hard to achieve their goal for the benefit and better livelihood of the people in future.

Renilo Nuh, vice president of Indian Engineers Federation (INDEF) North East Region, also mae a short speech. He said, “It is a common thing to see today that bureaucracy has undue upper hand over professionals and that engineering service all over the country are lagging behind civil services in regard to status pay structure and career progression….. “Together let’s take FONSESA to greater heights and make engineering fraternity stronger and united”.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Sep 15, 2018 11:30:27 pm