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Enemy of the Government

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 10:53 pm

Ambrose J. Chakre

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he site which created history became an important tool for the social activist to vent out their anger and frustrations at the corrupted elite. Since its launch in 2006, Wiki leaks has gained fame and attention and even critics from around the world. The truth about who the founder is, is still a debated issue, but it also did justice to the self acclaimed leader who became an international icon and role model. It is rumored that the original founders of the site are Chinese dissidents, journalist, mathematician and start up technologies from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and south Africa.In a news report Julianne Assange described himself as the heart and soul of wikileaks, its founder, philosopher, spokesman, original coder, organizer, financier and all the rest (The Australian). The claims made by this genius are well supported by his reputation as a professional hacker. The site which claimed to have about four executive members and eight hundred volunteers became notorious because of its publication of thousands of sensitive and important documents . Interestingly intellectuals termed this as a new form of journalism and the power of the media was further strengthened because of the impact of this controversy. There is no doubt that as a sinner, he might have sinned against the corrupted elite but it sure makes us see the actual realities of sin. While I was praying for Wiki leaks I realized that it is actually the mother of all controversies. To be more precise, it is actually a global movement for peace, security and transparency. The crisis which confronts us can be solved only through prayer, discussions and through diplomacy.
We are aware of the vision and mission of the said website and the prevailing situation clearly hints that whatever had been planned is actually being fulfilled. Inspite of the controversies which had been dogging the organization, its leaders seems to be unaffected by it. Though conflicts arose among them, the “Man of the Moment “somehow survived the onslaught of his own men and enemy alike.
He was charged for publishing documents which could have led people to slay people with the gun. But the truth is, it was this very attitude which bought him fame, attention and wealth. He was also charged by two beauties of raping them. We may never know the exact nature of the situation, but there are also chances that he might have done what human does. This is not to rule out the possibility of his innocence, rather this is to highlight the evil nature of evil people. He became a fugitive because of his policies of revelation, betrayals and controversies. Interestingly he became the enemy of many regional and world governments. This is not to doubt his credentials as a genius but my only intention is to highlight his stance as an innocent sinner. Truth is the political leaders who were against him were not saints and neither was he. In his quest for worldly success, he became a slave to his own ideologies and to his own sinful nature. I believe he shouldn’t be too guilty of sinning against the world but he should be more fearful of sinning against God.
Everyone will one day be accountable before God and our reward and punishment will depend on what our actions were. A holy writer and journalist quoted the words of his Master and wrote “For by your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned ( Matthew 12:17 ). The truth of this reality should be accepted by everyone. It is to be noted that this issue is related to the political, social and spiritual spheres. On a political front we may condemn it because of its policies of interferences. It has been observed that the emergence of this site has created an atmosphere of fear, insecurity and death. It can be assumed that conflicts in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Thailand and the likes may have resulted because of its influence. However, the worst is yet to come, and as the future unfolds, we may either be destroyed or be saved. Truth is we care for all the World Governments as much as we care for Wiki Leaks. This movement has won the sympathy of the masses. And we will keep on praying for you till you are saved and till the world is no more.

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 10:53:48 pm