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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Encroachment: Kohima administration to protect rights of genuine landowners

By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2019 12:29 am

Dimapur, Sep. 18 (EMN): The district administration of Kohima has noted what it called rampant encroachment and sale of government lands in the district. The administration has issued a notice assuring to take action and protect the rights of genuine landowners.

The government publicity agency the department of Information and Public Relations (IPR) gave updates on Wednesday stating a notice that the establishment of the deputy commissioner issued.

According to the IPR, the deputy commissioner of Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie, has issued a public notice stating that complaints and reports are being received about matters related to ‘rampant selling and encroachment of government land.’

The government is viewing this seriously, the updates stated.

The notice stated: “The government’s endeavour is to provide all requisite support to safeguard the rights of the genuine landowners but at the same time illegal activities of encroachment on government land/ government quarters will be dealt with sternly as per the provisions contained in Section 5 (1) and 6 (1) of the Nagaland Eviction of Persons in Unauthorised Occupation of Policy Land Act 1971 which entails issuing notice, eviction etc. and illegal occupation may be invite imprisonment and fine.”

The notice stated further that in the matter of sale and purchase of land within government acquired areas and land coming under the 1934-35 Map of the British conquered area, both the buyer and the seller would be ‘liable for action.’ The reason is, the IPR stated, it tantamounts to illegal transaction, and will attract penalty under appropriate section of law.

“Therefore, should any private person or group desiring to purchase land in and around Kohima town and other government acquired areas particularly new Secretariat/Thizama area, the person/group should first obtain necessary clearance from the deputy commissioner’s office without which the seller as well as the buyer would be doing so at their own risk and necessary penal action will be initiated as per the relevant provisions of law.”

This notice is issued in the interest of the public and compliance by all in concern, the updates added.

By EMN Updated: Sep 19, 2019 12:29:13 am
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