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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Emulate work ethics of Naga forefathers, MLA Jwenga Seb tells youth

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: May 05, 2024 12:26 am
Jwenga Seb
Members of Rengma Selo Zi and guests during the 9th anniversary and third general assembly of the youth body at RSU ground K Station on Saturday. (EM Images)

KOHIMA — Observing that young people are not putting in enough effort towards achieving their goals amid unemployment plaguing the society, MLA Jwenga Seb on Saturday urged the youth to emulate the work ethics of their forefathers.

He was addressing the Rengma Selo Zi’s (RSZ) ninth anniversary and 3rd general assembly at RSU ground, K Station in Tseminyu district. The programme was hosted by Kandi Group Youth Organisation. 

‘The youth of today have refused to embrace the harsh struggles that one has to face in order to achieve their aspiration,’ he said, while asking the youth whether they would face or dodge the social evils in the society.

Maintaining that Naga forefathers were self-reliant and self-employed, he encouraged the youth people to draw inspiration from them.

‘There are lots of avenues within reach and the only thing one has to do is sweat and work for it. Our forefathers lived by sweat and hard work and not by corruption and the leaders of today must emulate their work ethics,’ he told the gathering.

He also pointed out that the heroic spirit of the forefathers in defending others should be revived. During their time, they used to stand up for each other if another person was mistreated. They help each other out in times of need, he added. 

On the contrary, he lamented lack of heroism today when unjust incidents take place ‘right under our nose’.

‘Today, something wrong may be going on in the next door, in one’s own community, or another community but it will not take time to come to you. If we don’t stand up, we are going to be our own victims because of our own negligence,’ he said.

In order to advocate for justice, one need to be brave, he said, while urging the gathering to redefine the future by inculcating the good practices of their forefathers in their lives.

Don’t take law into your own hands

The legislator observed that oganisations and associations are taking laws into their own in spite of the presence of the laws of the land.

‘However, as youth bodies and pressure groups, it should be a collaborator with the government and strengthen the hands of the government so that the laws of the land are protected. We live in a democracy where everything is done by law and delivers justice,’ he said, while urging the RSZ and other youth bodies to extend their helping hands to the government agencies in order to create a conducive environment.

‘Situation may compel the youth organisations to take laws into their own hands but they must remember not to do so,’ he added.

Beyond us: Redefining our future

Delving into the theme of the event, ‘Beyond us: Redefining our future’, he said it is imperative to recognise that the future is not something that simply happens; it is something one actively creates through decisions and actions.

“Our forefathers taught us that nothing worthy comes without effort. This wisdom reminds us that in our fight against social evils, shortcuts or reckless measures are not only unsustainable but (also) could potentially lead to greater losses,” he said.

He went on to say that one must ensure the methods and systems honour the sweat and sacrifices of those who walked before us.

‘Respect for elders and the preservation of communal assets are not merely social obligations but are intrinsic values that define us. These principles foster a society where every individual is valued and every resource is treated with care,’ he said, adding that it is the duty of all to ensure these treasures are preserved for future generations.

Seb further challenged the gathering to pledge to redefine the future with ‘actions that are reflective, respectful and rooted in the rich heritage of the community, so as to build a future where children not only thrive but also are proud of the legacy we leave behind’.

Role of youth in social change

Director of Higher Education department, Dr. A Ngasho, who was the special guest of the event, said the youth have always been a driving force behind social and economic development, and that they will continue to play a vital role.

He called upon the youth to apply their skills, strength, energy and creativity to bring a meaningful change in the society and enable it to function in the best interests of the people.

As a youth organisation, he said the RSZ has lots of challenges and responsibilities- to work for the larger interests of the community.

Dwelling on the Rengmas living in two states, ‘with the smaller population of the community with a larger land in Assam and the larger population with small land in Nagaland’, he said this division is neither its making nor their forefathers but the British government for their “selfish interests”.

The Rengmas are now living in Assam and Nagaland, “much against the wishes of the people; not by choice but by compulsion, suppression, oppression and subjugation”, he said, adding that they had a vast tract of traditional land and separate geographical identity as “Rengma Hills” but today the Rengmas have become lost people and tribe.

Earlier in the programme, solidarity messages were extended by Angami Youth Organisation president Kesosul Christopher Ltu, Lotha Youth Hoho president Limhathung N Yanthan and Sumi Youth Organisation president Hekavi H Kinimi.

RSZ president Kenneth Kath delivered the presidential address, while Rengma Hoho president Tesinlo Semy also addressed the gathering. 

New office bearers of RSZ for the tenure 2024 to 2027 were also announced during the event. The new team will be led by Kegwayhun Tep as president, Kisheto Kent and Dithanglo Magh as vice presidents and Hiyalo Jemu as general secretary.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: May 05, 2024 12:26:08 am
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